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Sec 5i ad analysis


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Sec 5i ad analysis

  1. 1. Ad analysis Individual Project-Competency 3 (Regular grade)
  2. 2. Goal Using your newly acquired knowledge in media awareness and advertising, you will select a print ad and compose a 250- 300 word ad analysis of your chosen ad.
  3. 3. Questions to answer Choose a print ad: 1. Where does your ad come from? 2. Who is the ‘target audience’ of your ad and what indicates that? Explain. 3. What does your ad depict? (describe your ad) 4. Which ‘common advertising strategies’ are used? Explain. 5. In your opinion, is the ad efficient? Why? Why not?
  4. 4. Requirements Your ad analysis… • must be typed 250-300 words • must have a cover sheet (ANI 505) • must include your ad You must use complete sentences and write a properly structured paragraph.
  5. 5. DUE DATE Your ad analysis is due on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH 2013 *You will lose 10% per day that your project is handed in late.