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Sec 4 e intro to othello


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Sec 4 e intro to othello

  1. 1. William Shakespeare’s Othello 1. Why do we study Shakespeare? 2. Bust out your acting chops! 3. Discussion 4. Character Map *Bring your play books for next class!
  2. 2. Participation Grade You will receive a C1 participation grade during the first term! So... Be sure to participate during class discussions to ensure that you will receive a successful grade 
  3. 3. William Shakespeare
  4. 4. Shakespeare’s plays are still widely read today-some 500 years later- because they cover themes that speak to humanity. He portrays emotions and experiences that everyone can relate to; no matter their gender, culture, race or generation. Why study Shakespeare?
  5. 5. Let’s set the scene... We need... • A pair of lovers • A friend
  6. 6. Our characters Andrew Carina Mackenzie
  7. 7. The main characters Iago Desdemona Othello
  8. 8. Othello Characters • Othello, a Moorish general in theVenetian army • Desdemona, aVenetian lady • Iago, Othello’s ancient or standard-bearer • Cassio. Othello’s lieutenant or second in command • Roderigo, aVenetian gentleman • Emilia, Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s attendant • Brabantio, aVenetian senator, father to Desdemona • The Duke ofVenice • Bianca, a woman in Cypress in love with Cassio