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Sec 2 e lotr the pearl


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Sec 2 e lotr the pearl

  1. 1.  A Comparison
  2. 2. SauronHe was the creatorof the One Ringand the Dark Lordof Mordor, whomthe Fellowship ofthe Ring sought todefeat.
  3. 3. IsildurIsildur cut the One Ringfrom Saurons hand, buthe refused to destroy it.Isildur was later killed byorcs and the Ring was lostin the Disaster of theGladden Fields for nearly2,500 years. His refusal todestroy the Ring allowedSaurons spirit to endureand ensured that he wouldremain a threat to Middle-earth for years to come.
  4. 4. GollumGollum became the thirdBearer of the One Ring, afterSauron and Isildur. He foundthe ring in a river. Gollum wasquickly corrupted further bythe ring and, banished by hispeople, was forced to find ahome in a cave in the MistyMountains.The Ringsmalignant influence twistedhis body and mind andprolonged his life far beyondits natural limits. He called ithis "Precious“.
  5. 5. Bilbo BagginsFound the Ring inGollum’s cave on histravels and kept it formany years. It startedto negatively affecthim around the timewhen he turned 111years old.
  6. 6. FrodoBagginsBilbo’s nephew. Bilbobequeaths The Ring toFrodo on his 111thbirthday, before heleaves on his journey.Frodo journeyed toMordor to destroy TheRing.
  7. 7. Gandalf theGreyGandalf was a member of anorder of Wizards that werespecially chosen to help aidthe people of Middle-earth inthe fight against evil. TheseWizards took the form ofMen, but possessed muchgreater physical and mentalpower. For over 2,000years, Gandalf worked mostfaithfully against the rising
  8. 8. Pippin, Merry andSamHobbits and membersof the Fellowship ofthe Ring.
  9. 9. LegolasLegolas was an elfand extremelytalented archer. Hevolunteered torepresent theelves, and becomeone of the membersof the Fellowship thatset out to destroy theOne Ring.
  10. 10. AragornAragorn is the heir ofIsildur and a greatwarrior. He is also amember of theFellowship of theRing.
  11. 11. BoromirA valiant warriorknown for hisgreatness. He wasa member of theFellowship of theRing but dislikedthe idea ofdestroying the
  12. 12. GaladrielAlso known asthe Lady of theWood, she is anelf. When theFellowship of theRing pays her avisit, she istested by the
  13. 13. ArwenHalf-Elven andlover ofAragorn, shehelps protectthe Fellowshipof the Ring.
  14. 14. The Ring of Power orOne Ring to Rule ThemAllThe One Ring, secretlyforged by Sauron in theheart of Mount Doom, hadthe power to dominate theother nineteen GreatRings. Saurons intent wasto command the minds ofthe other ring bearersthrough their rings of
  15. 15. The PearlThe Great Pearl isbelieved to bringunimaginableriches, opportunity andpower to whoever finds it
  16. 16. The Role of Songs inLOTSThe Role of Songs in ThePearl
  17. 17. Fate and Prophecy Fate and Prophecy
  18. 18. The Ring and its effects on thecharactersThe Pearl and its effects on thecharactersIsildurGollumBilboFrodoAragornBoromirGaladrielKinoJuanaJuan TomàsThe doctorThe priestThe dealersThe trackers