November meeting


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November meeting

  1. 1. Reminders
  2. 2.  Thanks to all the members helping with tutoring! We really appreciate it! Tutoring will now have a “no show” policy. If any student has not shown up for tutoring more than 2 times, he/she will not be able to participate. The door will close by 8:15. Members, please be here by 8:00. Next tutoring date is Monday, November 5th. The sign up sheet will be available after the meeting. If you have any questions please see Mrs. Thiers or Alex ( Homeroom- Burrell)
  3. 3.  There is still a limit of 8 students signing up every month to reduce the number of students on the bus. The next date will be on November 8th at 8:00. You can sign up at the end of the meeting. If you have any questions please ask Mrs. Thiers or Anthony (HR – Hague)
  4. 4.  Keep on volunteering! You can earn service hours by helping with donut sales and tutoring. Also please make sure that you aren’t counting Campus Live or Thrive as service hours. You can turn them in at every/any meeting.
  5. 5.  We are offering service hours for helping Mrs. Leviton in the Media Center. You will be stacking shelves, checking in books etc. We need 10 people. The same 10 kids will come for 5 weeks. New group will start in January. This will be every Wednesday from Nov 7th to Dec 12th (5 weeks) 1 service hour per week Sign up at the end of the meeting If you have any questions please see Mrs.Leviton or Mrs. Thiers.
  6. 6.  Wonder bracelets are in!!! Thanks to all the members helping with the bracelets. We have delivered them to all the teachers…. So wait and see…..
  8. 8.  As you know, many of you are involved in Band, so we will be having Band “Tutoring” The members will be helping the band kids who need help. This will help Mr. Sargent, and you get service hours. Please be at the band room on Tuesdays by 8:00 The first Band Help day will be on November 13th. You can sign up at the end of the meeting. If you have any questions please see, Kiara (HR – Yates) or Smriti (HR – Thiers)
  9. 9.  Please report at 8:45 on the day(s) you signed up to help! Please meet in Mrs. Thiers’s room
  10. 10. November Meeting
  11. 11. Collecting Toys Toys will be collected from Nov. 26th- Dec. 12th Toy Drop-off Locations: Bus hall (right before stairwell A) Bus hall (left side) Main entrance/reception Car rider lane
  12. 12. Service Hours You can volunteer in the mornings to be a toy collector and hand out “tickets”. You will earn one service hour for every morning you volunteer.
  13. 13. Raffle Every time you donate a toy, you will receive a “ticket” that enters you into a raffle. Once the Toys for Tots drive is over, 10 names will be drawn randomly. The names that have been drawn will be able to attend a Pizza Party!
  14. 14. Toys for Tots Video xO_hPGE4g
  15. 15. HELP!
  16. 16.  For the November meeting.. We chose to combine fall colors and Thanksgiving. On the leaves, please write something you are thankful for. These will go up on the bulletin board! Next, please write a thank you letter to a soldier. These will be given to Q100’s BIG THANK YOU!
  17. 17.  Camp Creek Tutoring Media Center Band Help Toys For Tots Tutoring(Does anyone speak Spanish fluently? Please see Alex if you do!)
  18. 18. Less than 3 total
  19. 19. Last Names A-G Layne A.  Bryan D. Jasmine A.  Jaiden D. Joseph B.  Bradley D. Robert B.  Nooreen F. David B.  Jamie F. Katelin B.  Rumka G. Cheyenne B.  Gabriella G. Grace B.  Gracie G. Jennifer B. Zoe C. Max C. Chasey C.
  20. 20. Last Names H-M Jason H.  Jeremy L. Shoichi H.  Eliza L. Morgan H.  Inaara L. Samantha H.  Ben M. Cameron H.  Celia M. Christopher J.  Kevin M. Jesse J.  Fasica M. Angad J.  Amari M. Elizabeth K. Lyndi K. Asma K. Joy K.
  21. 21. Last Names N-R Christopher N.  Charan R. Giselle N.  Sandhya R. Grace N.  Hannah R. Jenny N. Lena N. Peyton N. Keith N. Eric P. Eleanor P. Andrea P. Tanish P. Artem P.
  22. 22. Last Names S-Z Emily S.  Abbey W. Robert S.  Jessica W. James S.  Jake W. Mary S.  Jacob W. Karan S.  David X. Riley S.  Kyle Y. Elizabeth S.  CJ Y. Charleigh S.  Jane Z. Savannah T.  Roger Z. Caitlin T. Lauren T. Zoe W.
  23. 23. We need ideas for Hurricane Sandy!!! (Mrs.Thiers)
  24. 24. Thanks for coming to the meeting! You can sign up for all your activities now!! The next meeting will be on Thursday, December 6th .