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How to handle the visual text comprehension

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Visual text class slides

  1. 1. Listening to and Viewing Advertisements
  2. 2. What is an Advertisement ?• An advertisement is a public notice that informs people about a product, service or an idea .• It is usually created to influence people and may be presented through various media .• Advertisement are designed to attract the attention of their target audience and compel them to take some form of action through the use of psychological appeal.• Eg of Advertisement : 1) Print advertisements (e.g. in newspaper)• 2) in-store advertisements (e.g. in departmental stores)
  3. 3. Appealing through visual and auditory cues .• Television advertisements are designed to appeal to the appeal of the viewers through the careful of visual and auditory cues.• The cues help strengthen viewers’ impression of the advertised product, service or idea by associating it with certain chracteristics or qualities.COLOUR :• -Colour contributes to the visual appeal of an advertisement and affects the mood and behaviour of viewers.
  4. 4. Appealing through visual and auditory cues .IMAGES AND ACTIONS :- The images in an advertisement help viewersassociate the product with certain chracteristicsand qualities, while the actions of the charactersdepicted, if any, may be used to influenceviewers’ behaviour or evoke certain emotionswithin them.
  5. 5. • Sound and music• Sounds and music are vital to capturing viewers’ attention, creating atmosphere and evoking emotions. Sounds may include voice- overs, characters’ dialogue, background sounds and special sound effects
  6. 6. • Displayed text and slogan• Some ideas in television advertisements may be displayed as text on the screen. This creates emphasis and serves as a visual prompt for viewers. It is common for advertisements to end with the slogan of the company advertising the product, service or idea.
  7. 7. Glamorisation• Glamorisation is a technique used to hide negative aspects about a product, service or an idea. It involves the use of many positive words to make the product appear better than it really is .
  8. 8. Hyperbole• Hyperbole is a technique in which the positive aspects of a product, service or an idea are exaggerated to make it memorable.
  9. 9. Alliteration• Alliteration is another technique used to make messages in advertisements more memorable and to help viewers remember them easily
  10. 10. Repetition• Repetition is a technique for encouraging viewers to remember the message in an advertisement. Advertisers may choose to repeat certain words to strengthen their message. They may also use repetition to create a catchy slogan .
  11. 11. Superlatives• The use of superlatives is a technique involving the use of words such as most, best and fastest to highlight the superiority of a product or service in comparison to other similar products or services. This subtly convinces viewers that they are making the best choice by choosing the product or service