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The language use question classslides


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The language use question classslides

  1. 1. The Language Use question Self study notes for Paper 2: Comprehension
  2. 2. What do I have to do?  Test your understanding of words, phrases, sentences or expressions used in the passage.  Look into word associations and nuances* of meaning.  * nuances = a slight difference in expression or meaning
  3. 3. Examples of Past Year’s Papers 1. What does the word “even” suggest about the scholars‟ ignorance of its location? 2. Why does the author use the word “fly” in line 19 instead of “ride”?
  4. 4. Types of Irony 1. Verbal irony 2. Dramatic irony 3. Irony of situation
  5. 5. Irony #1 (verbal irony)  Use of language: words used by the writer are clearly the opposite of what he really means.  Example:  “Oh! He was the most handsome man my mother has ever introduced me to!” (where the speaker is actually talking about an ugly man.)
  6. 6. Irony #2 (Dramatic Irony)  A use of language which has an „inner‟ (superficial) and „inner‟ meaning which only some readers are aware of.  For questions on irony dramatic irony:  you will have to point out both the superficial meaning, as well as the secret meaning.
  7. 7. Examples from past year papers  Extract from the passage which was about the Titanic‟s maiden voyage: “The captain planned to retire from his long career at the completion of the Titanic‟s first journey … This marvellous vessel he commanded was on her first voyage, while he, ironically, was on his last …he went down with the ship.” Question 5(b): The captain was “ironically” on his last voyage. Explain fully what he means. Answer: The captain was not only on his final voyage in his career, but he was also on his last voyage, figuratively speaking, because he was going to die as a result of this voyage.
  8. 8. Irony #3 (irony of situation)  The way which situation is odd/absurd/amusing because what actually happens is the opposite of what might be expected to happen.  For the questions on irony of situation:  you will have to show that what actually happens is the opposite of what is expected to happen.