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  1. 1. Emeline Le Tourneau MASSACHUSETTSAwesome!!!
  2. 2. CHECKLIST• Population• People• Governor• Food• Culture
  3. 3. MassachusettsMassachusetts
  4. 4. Government in Massachusetts• The governor of Massachusetts in 2011 is Deval Patrick. Deval Patrick assumed office January 4, 2007. He is the the 71st Governor of Massachusetts and the first African American ever elected governor of the state.• Born July 31, 1956, the 55 year old was previously the Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States, holding that office from 1994–1997 Deval patrick
  5. 5. Massachusetts rocks Massachusetts rocks
  6. 6. The Massachusetts population• The population of Massachusetts is approximately 6,500,000
  7. 7. Things to do in Massachusetts• Explore everything from art to artifacts at the Springfield Museums, learn the story of our Nation’s first armory at the Springfield Armory Museum, rest your head at New England home Lathrop House.• Enjoy all the thrills at Six Flags New England, jump for the Volleyball Hall of Fame.
  8. 8. Tourist attractions The Ether Dome• Boston, Massachusetts The Mapparium Boston, Massachusetts Titanic museum Indian orchard, Massachusetts
  9. 9. More Tourist Attractions
  10. 10. Map of Massachusetts attractions
  11. 11. The Massachusetts Flag
  12. 12. Jobs in Massachusetts 1-5• Engineering Leader• Nuclear engineer• Part time nanny• Nurse• Director
  13. 13. Weather in Massachusetts in October•
  14. 14. Come tell us about your trip See for ur self … Fun PHat SoCome fun Cool Tell us