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The setting in marigolds Alex and Jordan


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Setting of the story Marigolds

Published in: Environment
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The setting in marigolds Alex and Jordan

  1. 1. The setting in Marigolds By: Jordan Marquina Alex Jones
  2. 2. When/Where Marigolds takes place • Marigolds takes place during the Great Depression • The Great Depression was a result of the stock market crash in 1929 • Life was difficult during the Great Depression • Banks failed and businesses shut down • This life was typical for the main character • Families in rural Maryland were always facing hard times • The rural Maryland wasn’t very wealthy • Lizabeth lived in a town with a lot of grassless yards and dirt
  3. 3. How setting influences the plot/characters • The characters are used to a poor way of living • This makes it harder for the kids to realize how much more poor they were now • The area they are in isn’t a very cheerful place • Very poor area • The people in the town were used to this type of living