Evaluation question 4


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how did you use media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation

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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Question 4 How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? By Meera Shah NEXT
  2. 2. • History of Music Videos was Presented in a Documentary• Conventions of a Music video was Presented in a Documentary• Research into existing music Labels was presented with an image gallery and one link to Wikipedia and one to an actual website that was made for information about the labels that was collated.• Analysis of A Music Video from the same genre (Indie rock) was presented via a Glogster Poster, Image, PowerPoint, Video and Voice recording.• Research into a Music Director and Their Previous work was presented as a Documentary.• Influence Of Music Styles this was presented in a collage and time line.• Research into The Relevant Music GenreThese two pages contain the first 6tasks out of 18 tasks. BACK NEXT
  3. 3. We have made three mini pages in order to contain all the links to the research section.These two pages contain the 12 tasksout of 18 tasks.
  4. 4. In the research sectionFor the research into the existing Music LabelsJuanita decided to show a range of images in agallery & then had two hyperlinks on the pageone was to Wikipedia & one was to a website shemade based on the information she found. BACK NEXT
  5. 5. For the research I managed to use glogster which had some text, voiceover, images and then I ,managed to use an image to link my glogster poster to. I managed to use PowerPoint toBACK showcase my analysis as the glogster had some NEXT problems.
  6. 6. BACK NEXT
  7. 7. For the Influences of Music Style sareena had shown a mood- board that shows her putting the photographs together of the information she has provided. To present this she made a video and she has two images of the music styles which enlarge.BACK NEXT
  8. 8. For the Relevant music Genre Research sareena had presented 3 buttons that are hyperlinked to certain pages of external websites the provide information on the music genre. Also she has a speaker that is hyperlinked to her glogster poster.BACK NEXT
  9. 9. For this page sareena had made an online prezi and then used camtasia to record the screen and record her voice. For this page sareena had made 3 buttons that link to our individual blogs and she also has a wordle image that links to the hybrid genre page.BACK NEXT
  10. 10. For the Evidence of Music video that we are influenced by as I have shown a video I analyzedand made in imovie, then on the next page I have shown a button that links to my evidence ofmusic video blog page of my blog. Also I have used a PowerPoint to show my analysis of a musicvideo I like plus I have an image of the band I am analyzing their video. BACK NEXT
  11. 11. For the Band Research Juanita has made a Xtranormal video talking about the Silent Sundays, then the next page shows two links one is to the MySpace page for the band and the other is the unsigned.com website link. The third page shows the video of Silent Sundays performing a really old song of theirs.BACK NEXT
  12. 12. For the Music channels Juanita had four different music channelsimages. And then she as voiceovers that talk about each of thelabels we know and don’t know.
  13. 13. For the What is a Digipak Sareena had managed to make three pages for it. The first shows an image and a voice over. The image links to the table on the second page. The second page contains an image of a table and a voice over explaining it. Then on the last page we have 5 images of different Digipaks.BACK NEXT
  14. 14. Existing digipakBACK NEXT
  15. 15. For the analysis of Band Website Juanitadecided to use camtasia to show the websiteshe is viewing and talks about the website andwhat features she likes that we can probablyinclude in our own band website.BACK NEXT
  16. 16. For the Audience research meera decided to interview people and find out their opinionon music videos so I made a vox pox and then I asked a survey on facebook to my friendsso I can find about what they like about music videos and what genre interest them. I alsohave some words on the page showing I have found out how people watch music videosand in what format they have it in. I used a screenshot from facebook showing thequestionnaire I have asked them. The videos contains graphs of the audience feedback Ireceived when I asked them directly. BACK NEXT
  17. 17. For the Analysis of Hybrid Genre was a page that we added in order to make sure that weshowcase our analysis of Andrew Goodwins theory which is linked to the music theorypage. This has 3 textual hyperlinks to our blogs. BACK NEXT
  18. 18. For the Tracking an Artist sareena had show a video and an interactive button that links toa online timeline. This shows how she has researched Michael Jackson. BACK NEXT
  19. 19. For the analysis of Previous A2 media Music Video sareena and Juanita used green screenand then they used final cut pro to edit this and put together. BACK NEXT
  20. 20. For this task meera decided to present this in a diary entry book on the website it slef thatshowcases the range of task that were completed by what date and by who and how theywere presented. BACK NEXT
  21. 21. Photos of the technologies we have used in research.BACK NEXT
  22. 22. Planning Stage• We came up with ideas and jotted them down on a piece of paper like a brainstorm And then we took pictures.• Then we managed to get a flip cam and make sure that we found an empty room. We also managed to film ourselves talking and writing on the board our ideas that we had for the music video. • For this task Juanita had used a range of images that represent the genre and cut them out and made a little comic video. BACK NEXT
  23. 23. • For this task Juanita had used got some images of existing indie rock bands and then found some YouTube links about it, also decided to go on the clothing website like H&M to find out what our band members should wear.• The H&M website was particularly useful as they have a feature on the website that allows you to dress up models in the clothing you choose. This was useful in planning costumes as it allowed us to plan the costume in detail and also we gained a real understanding of what indie style is. BACK NEXT
  24. 24. • For this task sareena gathered the photos together and made a photo gallery of our locations. • For this task sareena had made a video showing all the clips of the location we have. She also showed some images of the concert hall around the video. BACK NEXT
  25. 25. • For this task meera had decided to use a photo slideshow and videos and words to present the props we will need to use for our music video. BACK NEXT
  26. 26. • For this task we had tried calling them and emailing them but had no reply so we showed pictures of us trying. • For this task Meera made a poster, showed images, voice over, and a video.BACK NEXT
  27. 27. Construction• While we were filming we were using the 2 Big HD cameras, one small HD Camera, Flip Cam, Camera, etc.• When Editing we use Final Cut Pro 7.• We had difficulties while rendering as it took so much time so we could not edit anything any more until the rendering had completed.BACK NEXT
  28. 28. • Technical difficulties we had showed a video and some images. BACK NEXT
  29. 29. EvaluationTo present our first evaluation question we had decided to present theconventions of a music video and compare our video through a documentary. To present our second evaluation question we had decided to use camtasia for the talk about the music video, band websites and digipak. To present our third evaluation question we had decided to use a video so we film the students watching it and we talk over the video to show that with feedback. To present our final question I have used an interactive PowerPoint and voice overs to show how we used technology in each of the stages of our coursework. BACK NEXT