Lvmc chavez jr martinez fight press release 9-2012


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Three Las Vegas Mass Choir Members sing the American National Anthem at the Chavez, Jr./Martinez Fight

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Lvmc chavez jr martinez fight press release 9-2012

  1. 1. Lillian McMorris … Your RESOURCEPRESS RELEASE For more information, contact Lillian McMorris - Your RESOURCE Publicist, The Las Vegas Mass Choir (888) 812-5455 Three Las Vegas Mass Choir Members Sing the American National Anthem at the Chavez, Jr. /Martinez Fight(Las Vegas, NV September 2012) Performing at a professional Boxing Match is a dream yet tobe fulfilled by many. Three of the Las Vegas Mass Choir members had this exceptionalexperience on Saturday, September 15th. Their performance was excellent.It was amazing to be ringside for the World Boxing Council middleweight title fight betweenchampion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and former champion Sergio Martinez of Argentina. The boutat Thomas and Mack Center matched the 26-year-old son of the Mexican legend in his ultimatetest against the 37-year-old southpaw Martinez, who was voted the 2010 fighter of the year, theaudience tallied over 19,000 people.As the Boxing bout main event was about to begin the crowd became more engaged. I wasenergized being only 8 rows from the ring. The Argentinean National Anthem was sung first,followed by the Mexican National Anthem. It was clear during the singing of the nationalanthems that the arena was packed with Mexican fans as they were loudly singing their nationalanthem. The American National Anthem was sung last by Timothy Wells, Veronica “Lady V”Morton and Denise Robinson who are members of the Las Vegas Mass Choir.Choir Master, Director and Founder of The Las Vegas Mass Choir James R. Smith has stated,“… the LVMC sings to bless others, there is a message in every song … they give the gift ofmusic.” The Las Vegas Mass Choir began in 2004 when renowned Choir Master James R.Smith was contracted to audition, select and develop a 15-voice ensemble from the Las Vegasarea. “Mass Appeal” was the choir’s first nationally distributed CD; that was completed in April of2005 a second CD; “Hold On” was released in 2010.The Las Vegas Mass Choir is currently a common name on gospel television and radionetworks throughout the United States. The Choir has traveled to perform throughout theUnited States and to the Melbourne Jazz Festival in Australia. Over the years The Las VegasMass Choir has received numerous awards and commendations for their captivatingperformances of inspirational music and ministry.The Las Vegas Mass Choir is available for performances via their or by calling 702-334-8444. LILLIAN McMORRIS “Your RESOURCE” Telephone (888) 812-5455 Fax (888) 858-4696