Kevin bryant bio lillian 2-2012


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Kevin Bryant, a remarkable, unique, extremely talented performer. Listen to him on FB or YouTube ...

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Kevin bryant bio lillian 2-2012

  1. 1. Kevin Bryant … the Art of SuccessElectrifying, Riveting and Charismatic, this is how Kevin Bryant‟s vocal ability has beendescribed. Kevin‟s fame skyrocketed in the United States and Europe with the Billboardchart topping Dance music hit, “ANY LOVE.” Kevin Bryant is the Art of Success; a combination of Funk, Pop, Jazz and Soul infused with his amazing vocal range, Bryant delivers old school vibe with new school flavor and Jill Scott, Usher, Raymond and Tony Rich agree that he is a master of his craft.This recipe of insurmountable talent coupled with mounds of flair, a dash of flavor, andbrushstrokes of style is one of the most versatile artists in music. Kevin can „woo‟ acrowd with his smooth silky soul tenor one minute and then pump up the party with a hotdance track the next!The success of I’m Alive on the European music scene has garnered Kevin over 70,000fans worldwide (according to YouTube), and tons of radio exposure. Kevin‟s innovativesound is extremely unique and is certain to gain interest from a variety of music loversacross the globe.Kevin‟s rendition of the song Any Love topped the Dance Charts throughout the UnitedStates and abroad. It caught the attention of legendary A&R guru Gladys Pizarro, Co-Founder of Strictly Rhythm Records label of New York; the largest and most recognizedindependent label in house/dance music. The leading house music producer B.O.Poriginally produced any Love.Recognized as “The King” of the underground dance charts, Kevin was the first officialartist signed to Pizarro new label, Launch Entertainment and shortly thereafter Launchreleased Who You Wanna Be, a single written by Kevin, and produced by Chris Brannof Wamdue and Ananda Project. The remix by World-renowned DJ/Producer BobSinclair, who is known throughout the industry for his work with Rihanna, JustinTimberlake, and Madonna exploded the dance scene. Who you Wanna Be went on toappear on several compilations, top several Euro/Pop dance charts and receivenumerous plays on digital and satellite radio.Kevin is originally from New Jersey, his talent garnered him several music scholarshipsand after a short stint in a Virginia college, he decided to move to Atlanta “because themusic scene there was booming, and I wanted to be a part of it.” This Atlanta basedartist has performed before sold out audiences throughout the United States; includingas a cast member of the hit musical comedy “Young Man Older Woman” which stars thelegendary performer Millie Jackson. As his reputation grew, Kevin found himself on touras a background singer for Usher, Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Blu Cantrell, Johnny Gill,Christopher Williams and many others. He has opened for Jennifer Holliday, MarthaWash, Crystal Waters, Macy Gray and the Ojays, just to name a few.According to Jill Scott, “Kevin is one of the elements the world is missing.” And Usherbelieves “he is surely one to learn from.” These two world-renowned artists know exactlywho Kevin is and what raw talent he brings to an ever-changing music scene… KevinBryant is the “Art of Success”.