Work at Home Make Money Goals and Objectives


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Got Goals? You need goals and objectives to accomplish your dreams. Most people don't take the time to sit down to think and write your goals down. Read them daily, and more importantly, feel as though they are already achieved. There is a method to the madness of goal setting...let me help you define your clear and concise goals and objectives.

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Work at Home Make Money Goals and Objectives

  1. 1. Kim HarrisOnline Success Coach Goals and Objectives “Help! My Business is Goal-Less!”
  2. 2.  Goals are the BIG picture They are the end result of what you want to experience. They are the motivation for you doing what you do
  3. 3.  Objectives are the tasks you need to do They create a path or direction for reaching the Goal For every goal you create you should also have a task list  there is no certain number of tasks, just write down everything you think you need to do to reach your goal  as you write your task list, you will get more ideas on how to achieve your goal – write those down!
  4. 4.  Take a few minutes and think about what you really want to achieve in your online business. Eliminate the clutter in your mind and look only for the final and end result of what your business will look like and “feel” like to you When you write down what your goal is for your business – look at it again and “feel” what the experience would be like
  5. 5.  Your goals should always be written in the PRESENT tense They should always be PERSONAL- beginning with “I” And, finally, your goals should be POSITIVE–  My goal is to ______________. This goal is required for the _______________ aspect of my life, in order for me to achieve my „big-picture‟ ambition of ________________
  6. 6.  Now that you know what your goal is, ask yourself (and answer) this important question WHY DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL?
  7. 7. 1. First, get very clear about what you want. Write down exactly what you want. Your goal must be so clear that a 6yr old could explain it to another child. Add a deadline to your goal. This will drive you unconsciously to achieve it. Remember, “Goals without a deadline are just dreams.”
  8. 8. 2. Identify obstacles I have to overcome to achieve your goals. It could be fear of rejection, judgment, procrastination, etc. Identify what would be a primary reason so that you can come up with alternate ways to handle it later.
  9. 9. 3. Identify the knowledge/information/skills to achieve a goal. Your weakest key skill sets the tone or level of your success. Ask yourself, “What one key skill, if developed, would have the greatest positive impact on my life?”
  10. 10. 4.Identify the people whose help and cooperation you need to achieve your goal.5. Make a list of everything you have to do to achieve your goals. Here is where you get to drill down deep into the goal to set your objectives, or tasks6. Organize your goals list and tasks into a plan, specifying dates of completion. I like to add to Outlook with alarms that let me know something is due to be done.
  11. 11. 7. Prioritize your goals, objectives, and minor tasks.8. Develop the habit of self-discipline.
  12. 12.  Getting clear about your goals and objectives is like charting the course for a journey that should be adventurous and fun. Often times, when there is an absence of goals and objectives, there is disappointment and discouragement.
  13. 13.  Read your goals daily Perform your tasks list daily Get more tips and strategies for an online success plan by subscribing to our Possibilities Alive! Empower Network Blog