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Wyoming Orange Mini Coopers


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Published in: Education
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Wyoming Orange Mini Coopers

  1. 1. 5 Themes of Geography For Wyoming By : Orange Mini Coopers
  2. 2. LocationRelative:• North of Colorado• East of Idaho and Utah• South of Montana• West of South Dakota and Nebraska
  3. 3. LocationAbsolute:• 44 degrees North• 109 degrees West
  4. 4. Regions• The Area Code is 307• Wyoming is in the Mountain Region• Wyoming is in the Western Region
  5. 5. PlaceLandmarks:• Connor Battlefield State Historic Site• Yellowstone National Park• Independence Rock Historic Site
  6. 6. PlaceLandforms:• Red Desert• Green River• Killpecker Sand Dunes• Badlands• Medicine Bow Mountains
  7. 7. PlaceTradition:• Power Plunge River Festival• Celtic Festival• The Cowboy Walk• The Beer Song(Sung at football games)
  8. 8. PlaceClimate:• Winter: 20 degrees• Summer: 60 degrees
  9. 9. MovementTransportation:• Interstate I-80• Transcontinental Railroad• Jackson Hole Airport• Cars• Buses• Bridges
  10. 10. MovementExports:• Coal• Bentonite• Trona• Rare Gases• Fertilizer
  11. 11. MovementAgriculture:• Wool Production• Sheep and Lamb Stock• Sugar Beets• Beef• Hay• Corn• Wheat
  12. 12. H/E InteractionAdapt:Winter-• Salt & Plow the Streets• Collect WoodMountains-• Oxygen Masks• Survival Tools
  13. 13. H/E InteractionModify:• Anderson Howard Canal for Transportation• Barronette Bridge for Transportation
  14. 14. H/E InteractionDepend:• Ballard Dam for Drinking Water• Sweetwater River for Drinking Water• Star Plunge Water Park for Recreation