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Louisiana by Green Grapes


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Published in: Education
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Louisiana by Green Grapes

  1. 1. LouisianaBy: The Green Grapes
  2. 2. LocationRelative: Texas is west of Louisiana, Mississippi is east of Louisiana, Arkansas is north of Louisiana and The Gulf Of Mexico.Absolute: 31 N and 91 W.
  3. 3. RegionsArea Codes: 225, 318, 337, 504 and 985.Time zone: The central Time zone
  4. 4. PlaceLandmark: Atchafalaya Basin, The state museum and The American aquarium.Landform: Charles River, Mississippi River, Mountains, Streams.Tradition: Mardi Gras and there are beads, kings cake, meat, seafood and also known as Fat Tuesday.Climate: 82 in the summer and 52 in the winter.
  5. 5. MovementTransportation: Louis Armstrong Airport, trains, buses, cars, boats and ferries.Exports: The production of materials, particularly oil and natural gas, but also sulphur, lime, salt and lignite. Pulp, plywood and paper making.Agriculture: Sugarcane, strawberries, sweet potatoes, rice, cotton, corn, potatoes, soyb eans, citrus fruit, pecans and lumber.
  6. 6. AdaptThey adapt to the rainfall with umbrellas, coats, boots. They also need to adapt to the hurricanes by having stilts under their house.
  7. 7. ModifyThey modify their land in New Orleans and built the Green Bridge to cross the Mississippi River.
  8. 8. DependThey depend on markets and other state for food to sell to different countries for money.