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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Relative: West-Mississippi, East- Georgia, South-Gulf Of Mexico/Florida, and North- TennesseeAbsolute: 32*n, 86*w
  2. 2. Regions1.Central time zone 2. Area codes205, 256, 334, 251, and 938
  3. 3. Place
  4. 4. Transportation: car, train, bike, plane, Alabama Railroad, the Alabama Southern Railroad, the Montgomery Regional Airport, and Highway 31Exports: wheat, cattle, cotton, and peanutsAgriculture: soybeans, milk, vegetables, livestock, wheat , cattle, cotton, peanuts, and fruit.
  5. 5. Human/Environment InteractionAdapt: People adapt to the high heats by wearing cool clothes and they adapt to the sun by wearing sunscreen and sunglasses.Modify: They have modified the land by building schools like Mountain Brook High School, People also build Dams like the Allans Dam.Depend: People depend on small rivers and lakes (Lake Big Creek) for their water, people also depend on dams like the Allan Dam for water
  6. 6. Thanks for watchingBy: The Green Grapes (Ella, Charlie, and Reagan)