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Using the Library: Space, Resources, and Collaboration


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A school in-service presentation to inform teachers about how the library can help them and their students, including using the library catalog and the layout of the library.

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Using the Library: Space, Resources, and Collaboration

  1. 1. Using the Library: Space, Resources, and Collaboration
  2. 2. 1. Learn about resources the library has to offer to enhance lessons and support students. 2. Incorporate print & digital resources into upcoming lessons & units. 3. Collaborate with library staff using resources in the classroom, computer lab, or library. COHORT OBJECTIVES
  3. 3. Starting at the Beginning: Which services do you know the library offers?
  4. 4. Tour of the Space ◎Fiction ◎Picture Books ◎Nonfiction ◎Professional Collection
  5. 5. Using These Resources ◎Background Knowledge ◎Models ◎Project/Group Resources ◎Your Own Learning. :)
  6. 6. Using the Library Catalog ◎In “Teacher Resources” on Bb ◎Search our collection or ALL collections ◎Advanced Search ◎Features of results ◎“Kept” feature
  7. 7. Your Task: (15 minutes) Search the catalog for something related to your content. Find it on the shelves & flip through it. Could you use this somehow? Browse what’s nearby (or other areas!) and bring something to share back to the table.
  8. 8. What Did You Find??
  9. 9. Before the Next Cohort Meeting: 1. Read article on collaboration 2. Incorporate at least one nonfiction or picture book into a lesson