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JOSTI Easy Tech Tools Presentation 2016


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Presentation of different tech tools for 6-12

Published in: Education
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JOSTI Easy Tech Tools Presentation 2016

  1. 1. Easy Technology Tools You Can Use All Year Rachel Grover Librarian, Rocky Run MS Fairfax County Public Schools
  2. 2. AGENDA • Tech & Today’s Students • Why’s and Ways to Use Tech • Looking at Some Sites & a Bonus! • Independent Investigation/Planning • Sharing
  3. 3. Tech & Today’s Students • Next Year’s 6th graders: Born in 2006/2007 • 2006: “Year of the Social Network” – • Kindergarteners in 2011 • How do we use tech in education for meaning, and not just for the sake of tech?
  4. 4. Why’s and Ways to Use Tech • Need to use the medium they are most familiar with in order to: • Collaborate with each other • Provide feedback to you & their classmates • Demonstrate mastery of concepts taught
  5. 5. (+app) • Online version of sticky notes • Can upload videos, documents, images, or just write text • Student examples: Project • Good to use for brainstorming, reflections, or exit tickets, too! Demonstrate Mastery Collaborate with Others Provide Feedback
  6. 6. • Compiles many kinds of media into one lesson • Monitor student progress through class organization • Students create a project • Catch up students on skills • Has a quiz module • Students can comment on your presentations & their classmates • Searchable lesson library Demonstrate Mastery Provide Feedback
  7. 7. & • Word Cloud Creators • Alternate to Wordle • Choice of color & shape • Easy to save & share work • Tagxedo: No login • Tagul: Login • TT : Use to activate knowledge, asking questions, review • Only works on desktops and laptops Demonstrate Mastery
  8. 8. (+app) • Interactive quizzing site • Teacher facilitated • Create quizzes in advance or spontaneously • Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer • Connect to standards & view reports • Can use ALL devices! • TT : Use for brainstorming, exit tickets, and quick checks of info you just taught Demonstrate Mastery
  9. 9. BONUS: • Great for structuring online learning & differentiation • Include videos, websites, documents, and screencasts • Search for other lesson paths that are relevant • Not tested for student creators
  10. 10. With the Remaining Time: • Investigate at least 3 of these sites • Create something that you could use with your classes as a project example or at the beginning of the year. • Post at least 1 idea on our Padlet • Be prepared to share!