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Lesson 15


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Lesson 15

  1. 1. UNIT 2- MIGRATION STORIESLesson 15: Class Assessment III
  2. 2. INDEPENDENT READING Get an SSR book and read for 15 minutes. Record your reading on page 33 of your workbook
  3. 3. WORD STUDYFugitive  ()
  4. 4. WORD STUDYAbolish Abolition  ()
  5. 5. READ-ALOUD/THINK-ALOUD Recap: What happened in our last reading? Strategy: Determining Importance RA/TA: Pages 77-86 of A Family Apart Stopping Points:  Page 83, top of page  Page 85, paragraph 3
  6. 6. CLASSROOM CONVERSATION Whatis going on with these characters/their situation? Use the text to support your statements. Makepredictions about where the story might go next. What might be the BIG IDEA of the story?
  8. 8. WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEKPerspectiveInferring ConclusionsPrimary and Secondary SourcesComparison/Contrast Signal Words