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Lesson 13


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Lesson 13

  1. 1. UNIT 2- MIGRATION STORIESLesson 13: Summarizing Informational Text
  2. 2. INDEPENDENT READING Get an SSR book and read for 15 minutes. On page 11 of your workbooks write the signal words (comparison/contrast, sequencing) that you find in your reading for the day.  Be sure to include all parts (Date, Title, etc.) Record your reading on page 33 of your workbook
  3. 3. WORD STUDY Determination Determine, Determined (noun) sticking to your purpose
  4. 4. WORD STUDY Reluctant  Reluctantly (adj) unwilling and hesitant
  5. 5. READ-ALOUD/THINK-ALOUD Recap Strategy: Summarization RA/TA: Pages 101-108 of A Family Apart While reading:  Write 2 predictions, questions or inferences on your index cards Stopping Points:  Page 103  Page 104
  6. 6. CLASSROOM CONVERSATIONIndex Card Conversation
  8. 8. SUMMARIZING INFORMATIONAL TEXT Strategiesto use while summarizing  Determining Importance  Questioning  Synthesizing  Recalling information or prior knowledge  Sorting Information
  9. 9. SUMMARIZING INFORMATIONAL TEXT Orphan Train Rider Read Chapter 8, pages 46-47 Summarize the information
  10. 10. INDIVIDUAL/SMALL GROUP WORKSummarize the articlethat you found forhomework last night.