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Instruction for students [autosaved]


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Instruction for students [autosaved]

  2. 2. • Please go to the link below 1.html
  3. 3. Please clicklesson 1
  4. 4. • Open thepresentationslide• This will bediscusstogether withthe teacher
  5. 5. • Please click tothe crosswordpuzzle link tostart doing theactivity• This activity isan individualactivity
  6. 6. Click here to allow the content
  7. 7. You can start doingyou activity byclicking any box(either vertical orhorizontal) from thediagram
  8. 8. Fill in the answer
  9. 9. Blue colourmeans you askthe computer tosolve for theanswer (one blue= one markdeducted)
  10. 10. • After you finishfill in all theanswers, clickcheck puzzle• black = correct red = wrong blue = computer solve it
  11. 11. • After finish checking the result, please print your puzzle and give me as soon as you did it