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How to run an effective meeting through effective leadership

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How to run an effective meeting through effective leadership

  1. 1. How to Run An Effective Meeting Through Effective Leadership Practices Facilitator: De’shawn Woolridge, Presenter: Atty Garfinkel Questions You, As Leaders Should Ask Yourself1) What beliefs and values guide my actions as a leader?2) What is the source of the self confidence required to lead others?3) How do I lead by example?4) How do I promote a shared vision?5) How do I improve my ability to get people excited?6) How can I promote an environment of innovation?7) How do I help build a cohesive, respectful and spirited team?8) How do I share information/power while keeping accountability?9) How do I daily work to improve my leadership abilities?10) Am I doing what is best for my constituents, or for me? The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership- Model the Way: We must become the change, we want to see o Clarify values by finding your voice and shared ideals o Set the example by aligning actions and shared values- Inspire A Shared Vision: A change can’t be blown on an uncertain trumpet o Envision the future by finding exciting and strong possibilities o Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations.- Challenge the Process: Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower o Search for opportunities by seizing the initiatives and looking for ways to improve o Expand by constantly generating small wins and learning experiences.
  2. 2. - Enable Others To Act: A builder needs the blueprints to build a strong house o Foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships. o Strengthen others by increasing self-determination and developing competence.- Encourage the Heart: Flatter me and I won’t believe you. Criticize me and I won’t like you. Ignore me and I won’t forgive you. Encourage me and I won’t forget you. o Recognize contributions by showing appreciation o Celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community. If you are not an effective leader, you cannot run an effective meeting! Be a leader, Lather, Rinse and Repeat. For a meeting o Create an effective agenda. o Time management is everything!!! o Keep control of the meeting and the conversation, it’s ok to use your gavel! o Don’t allow anyone to bully you. You are the chair, not them. o Listen to the concerns of others with respect. o Move towards common goals as a unit through consensus whenever you can. o Serve others; you’re not the center of attention.
  3. 3. o Know your governing documents better than anyone else.o Use Parliamentary Procedure to establish order, but do not allow its abuse.o Remain Brown Act Compliant (ie, open/public and fair)o Shut up and listen to what people are actually trying to say.o Don’t show emotion when you disagree with a speaker.o Do your best and remember to breathe!


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