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1936 olympics ap world history


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1936 olympics ap world history

  1. 1. • Berlin chosen May 13th, 1931• Won bid with 43 votes for Berlin and 16 votes for Barcelona, Spain.• Berlin supposed to hold Olympics in 1916
  2. 2. • Cancelled because of World War 1• 1920 games held in Belgium, and they didn’t invite teams from Germany or any of it’s allies• 10 years before they were invited back
  3. 3. • 2 yearsafter Berlin won bid,Hitler took over Germany
  4. 4. • Hitler wanted to cancel Olympics• But was convinced Olympics would show off “new Germany”• He paid 20,000,000 Reichsmark ($8,000,000)
  5. 5. • No more Jews, blacks, or gypsies
  6. 6. •Ethical Cleansing was happening all around Germany•Hitler decided to do the same with the Games•Nobody of Jewish decent was allowed to compete in theOlympics for the German team•That decision ultimately cost the Germans many gold metals
  7. 7. • Responding to reports of the persecution of Jewish athletes in 1933, Avery Brundage, president of the American Olympic Committee inspected Berlin•After a brief and tightlymanaged inspection ofGerman sports facilities in1934, Brundage statedpublicly that Jewish athleteswere being treated fairly andthat the Games should goon, as planned.
  8. 8. •Many Americannewspaper editors andanti-Nazi groups, led by,president of the AmateurAthletic Union, wereunwilling to be duped byNazi Germany•But a determined AveryBrundage maneuvered theAmateur Athletic Union toa close vote in favor ofsending an American teamto Berlin
  9. 9. •President FranklinD. Roosevelt didn’tbecome involved inthe boycott issue•He didn’t listen tomany advisors ordiplomats•Roosevelt continueda 40-year tradition inwhich the AmericanOlympic Committeeoperatedindependently ofoutside influence
  10. 10. However bad theJews were beingtreated, Olympicofficials werepromised by Germanleaders to treatAfrican Americansfairly.Jessie Owens and Eulace MetcalfeThey felt that theirvictories would showthat the Nazi ideals werewrongMetcalfe sprained hisankle, and never went
  11. 11. •Newspapers argued thatvictories by Blacks wouldshow Nazis that their Aryanviews were wrong.•18 African Americans -- 16men and 2 women -- went toBerlin, 3 times as many as the1932 Olympics•All of these athletes camefrom white universities, andshowed many Blackjournalists the poor conditionsof training equipment andfacilities at black collegeswhere the vast majority ofAfrican American studentswere at
  12. 12. Many Olympians from all over the worldchose to boycott the Olympics. Sammy Luftspring, the top-ranked Herman Neugass, lightweight boxer in an American Jewish Canada sprinter Milton Green Ruth Langer, (left), captain of an Austrian the Harvard swimmer University track team
  13. 13. •49 Teams Competed•Germany had the most athletes, 348•America had the second highest amount, at 312Afghanistan Colombia Iceland NorwayArgentina Costa Rica India PeruAustralia Czechosloki Italy TheAustria Denmark Japan PhilippinesBelgium Egypt Latvia PolandBermuda Estonia Liechtensten PortugalBolivia Finland RomaniaBrazil France Luxembourg South AfricaBulgaria Germany SwedenCanada Great Britain Malta SwitzerlandChile Mexico TurkeyChina Greece Monaco United Hungary The States Netherlands Uruguay New Zealand Yugoslavia
  14. 14. •February 6 toFebruary 16, 1936,Germany hosted theWinter Olympics in theBavarian Alps.•Olympic leadersinsisted on "fair play,"so German officialsallowed half-JewishRudi Ball to competeon the nations hockeyteam.•Anti-Jewish signswere temporarilyremoved from thepublic
  15. 15. The presence of theGerman military at theWinter Games made thegames a little less lighthearted
  16. 16. •Germany promoted the Olympics with colorful posters and magazine spreads.Photograph •imagery drew a link#14914 between Nazi Germany and ancient Greece. •The Nazis reduced their vision of classical antiquity to ideal "Aryan" racial types: heroic, blue-eyed blonds with finely-chiseled features.
  17. 17. In August 1936 Olympic flagsand swastikas bedecked themonuments and houses of acrowded Berlin.Most tourists were unaware thatthe Nazi regime had temporarilyremoved anti-Jewish signs. Tourists wouldn’t have known of a police "clean up" that swept Gypsies off the streets and kept them in a camp at the edge of Berlin.
  18. 18. • During the Olympics, the Germans were secretly building a concentration camp 18 miles north of Berlin•liberals, socialists,and Communists,and JehovahsWitnesses wereimprisoned there Sachsenhausen
  19. 19. • August 1st, 1936 Summer Olympics begin• They started a new ritual, having a single runner run the Olympic torch from Olympia, Greece
  20. 20. Jessie Owens "the fastest human being" • Hero of the Olympics • Won 4 Gold Metals • 100 meters, the 200 meters, the long jump, and part of the 4x100 meter relay • Olympic Record on Long Jump • Despite claims Hitler snubbed him, he wasn’t mad or angry“Hitler didn’t snub me- it was FDR who snubbed me. he didn’t send me a telegram”
  21. 21. •AfricanAmericanathletes won 14medals,• That is aboutone-fourth of the56 medalsawarded theU.S. team in allevents
  22. 22. Thirteen Jewsor people ofJewishdescent wonmedals in theNaziOlympics,including sixHungarians
  23. 23. •Germany was verysuccessful duringthese Olympics.•Its athletes capturedthe most medalsoverall•German hospitalityand organization wonthe praises of visitors•Hitler made plans tokeep the Olympics inGermany for eternity. "In 1940 the Olympic Games will take place in Tokyo. But thereafter they will take place in Germany for all time to come, in this stadium." Adolf Hitler
  24. 24. •In 1937, Hitler inspected a design for a stadium that would host the Olympics for forever. •It was a 400,000-seat stadium that exemplified German supremacy.•The 1940 Winter Games were supposed to beheld in Switzerland, but plans fell through.•In 1939, the committee voted unanimously toreturn to Germany for the 1940 Olympics•In November 1939, two months before invadingPoland, Germany withdrew.