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Digital commerce per 4


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Digital commerce per 4

  1. 1. DIGITAL COMMERCE!!! By: Joe Cho, Aarij Gora, Dylan Florit, and Sean Hingco
  2. 2. Digital Citizenship Digital Citizenship is the act to use the internet respectfully and responsibly. There are nine elements to digital citizenship. The nine elements are access, security, commerce, rights and responsibilities, etiquette, laws, literacy, communication, and health and wellness.
  3. 3. Digital Commerce ● Digital commerce is the buying and selling of goods online. Digital commerce is one of the nine main elements of digital citizenship. When you buy objects online, you are performing the act of digital commerce.
  4. 4. How is Digital Commerce Important to Digital Citizenship ● Digital commerce is important to digital citizenship because the access to buy objects online is great for the people who do not get out much, and commerce helps the people get what objects they need when they need it.
  5. 5. THE END!!! ● Digital Commerce is the buying and selling of goods online, and you have to perform digital commerce responsibly. You also have to do all of the other elements of digital citizenship respectfully, and responsibly. Also go on the right sites, or you get ripped off .