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Gloco13 identity hub

  1. 1. GLOCO13 IDENTITY HUB Peta Dempsey s3079125
  2. 2. MY IDENTITY HUB Click here to view
  3. 3. IDENTITY HUB AND PERSONAABOUT MEWorking in communications for a health care organisation, Ihave decided to specialise in social and emerging media. Inorder to use online tools as an effective communication toolIve immersed myself in the online world like a proud nerd. Ifind myself composing blog posts in the shower, followingbreaking news via hashtags in the middle of the night andtaking way too many photos of my food (like any selfrespecting social media addict).Not only do I want to master these online tools but I want adeeper understanding of them, I dont just want to knowwhat youre tweeting but why youre tweeting. I thinkexploring how identity and culture influences the onlineworld helps understand how best to use them tocommunicate. I dont want to add to the "noise" of theinternet, I want to contribute in a way that adds value to myindustry, exploring innovative ways that social media canhelp health professionals communicate.Interested? Check out my identity hub.
  4. 4. PROFESSIONAL ID VALUE PROPOSITION While working in social media for a health organisation doesn’t make me unique, I feel it is a bit of a point of difference in my online persona. My content is applied directly to my professional life where I can trial andPOSITIONING STATEMENT experiment, sharing my findings with others.I want my online persona to reflect a communicationsprofessional working in health care that is familiar withsocial networking. By writing and sharing contentrelated to social media and health care I hope to BRAND STORYattract like minded individuals to engage with. My My story is simple: social networking and health care,online handle is Ms Dempsey, simply using my surname not always related to each other. This is reflected in myto reflect myself while retaining a small degree of brief Twitter profile which I hope gives people anprivacy. (If this identity is successful I will re-assess using indication of my story at a glance. The people I followmy full name.) By sharing and writing content relevant to on Twitter and LinkedIn reflect my interests as well, theythe category of social media and health care I hope to share knowledge of how to use social media as abe known as an individual who has enough knowledge in communication tool, and some more specifically look atthose areas to interact and engage with users. the use of this in health care. The Tweets I share are part of this strategy, they are usually helpful tips about social networking, health, or both.
  5. 5. A selection of posts from myMSDEMPSEY.WORDPRESS.COM blog that reflect the course material and lectures.
  6. 6. MSDEMPSEY.WORDPRESS.COM1. Summary Post2. Course Material: The Eternal Vagabond3. Exercise: The Diplomat’s Cocktail Party4. Relevant to my interests: When it goes wrong
  7. 7. TWITTER @Ms_Dempsey
  8. 8. @MS_DEMPSEY#GLOCO13 Tweets: conversations withclassmates about the lecture material,social media and online identity.Click to view on Storify
  9. 9. @MS_DEMPSEYMiscellaneous conversations andhashtags to build an online, professionalpersona.Click to view on Storify.
  10. 10. FUTURE PLATFORMSCURRENT PLATFORMST H E S E S O C I A L N E T W O R K I N G P L AT F O R M S W E R E C H O S E N F O R T H EFOLLOWING:LINKEDIN – PROFESSIONAL NETWORKINGT W I T T E R : C O N V E R S AT I O N S , I D E A S H A R I N G, N E T W O R K I N G Above is a diagram of the platforms IWORDPRESS: EXPRESSING IDEASYO U T U B E : R E S E A R C H chose to concentrate on for my identity. In future I’d like to expand to visual PLATFORMS platforms such as Pinterest, Flickr and Vine. I’d like to experiment with expressing my personality and ideas more visually and creatively.