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IX. gimnazija: Well-being Questionnaire


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From Me To We, Erasmus+ Project meeting in Barcelona, November 2017

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IX. gimnazija: Well-being Questionnaire

  1. 1. IX. gimnazija Zagreb, Croatia Hana Gorski & Lovro Vulje Barcelona, November 14, 2017
  2. 2. IX. gimnazija founded in 1945 by UNESCO 460 students, 68 staff, 45 teachers 4 foreign languages extracurricular activities Future Classroom Lab
  3. 3. School satisfaction - students
  4. 4. Why not ● There should be more activities for students to bond ● Teachers should make their subject more interesting ● Learning environment should be more relaxed Why yes ● Students should continue being helpful and motivate each other ● Teachers are good and will help you with anything ● The classrooms are good for learning and everyone feels comfortable in them STUDENTS
  5. 5. Which factors affect your school satisfaction STUDENTS
  6. 6. Which factors affect your school satisfaction ● School food is great and it is not expensive ● There are a lot of comfortable chairs for everyone ● Students are happy with room temperatures in winter and in summer ● Desk and chair sizes are good and students feel comfortable in them ● Although there are a lot teaching/studying materials, teachers make them interesting
  7. 7. School satisfaction - teachers
  8. 8. Why not ● Working conditions should be improved (classrooms, technology) ● Teachers should have more freedom in planning their curriculum ● There should be more project-based learning ● Students should be more active and take responsibility for their learning Why yes ● Teachers are helpful and supportive ● There is a lot of room for creativity especially in extracurricular activities ● Teachers often work in teams, teamwork and collaboration on the school level and on the international level is supported TEACHERS
  9. 9. Values - students
  10. 10. Values - teachers
  11. 11. What can help maintain these values? Lessons should be fun and interesting Teachers should understand students better and be more patient Fellow students should be respectful and help in need Classrooms should be clean and nice
  12. 12. Skills to be obtained through the project STUDENTS
  13. 13. Skills to be obtained through the project TEACHERS Meet colleagues from other countries Develop collaboration and communication skills Develop grit and resilience Share experiences, ideas and examples of good practice Learn about new teaching methods