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Geometry Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall


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Geometry Unit Vocabulary/Word Wall

  1. 1. Point a location in space . .A B .C
  2. 2. Line segment a straight path joining two points A Bendpoint endpoint
  3. 3. Ray a straight path with a starting point that keeps going in one direction A B endpoint
  4. 4. Line a straight path that keeps going in both directions A B
  5. 5. Parallel Lines, rays, segments that never meet
  6. 6. Intersecting point of intersection Lines, rays, segments that meet
  7. 7. Perpendicular right angle Lines, rays, segments that meet at right angles
  8. 8. Angle formed by 2 rays or segments that have the same endpoint vertex
  9. 9. Right angle an angle that is 90º
  10. 10. Acute angle an angle that is less than 90º
  11. 11. Obtuse angle an angle that is between 90º and 180º
  12. 12. Straight angle an angle that is 180º
  13. 13. Reflex angle an angle that is between 180º and 360º
  14. 14. Triangle a polygon with 3 sides
  15. 15. Scalene Triangle a triangle with all sides of different lengths
  16. 16. Isoceles Triangle a triangle with two sides of same length
  17. 17. Equilateral Triangle a triangle with all sides of equal length
  18. 18. Right Triangle a triangle with one right angle
  19. 19. Obtuse Triangle a triangle with one obtuse angle
  20. 20. Acute Triangle a triangle with all acute angles
  21. 21. Quadrilateral a polygon with 4 sides
  22. 22. Trapezoid a quadrilateral with 1 pair of parallel sides
  23. 23. Parallelogram a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides
  24. 24. Rhombus a quadrilateral with all sides equal length
  25. 25. Rectangle a parallelogram with 4 right angles
  26. 26. Square a rectangle with all sides equal
  27. 27. Kite a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of adjacent equal sides
  28. 28. Pentagon a polygon with 5 sides Regular pentagon Irregular pentagon
  29. 29. Hexagon Regular hexagon Irregular hexagon a polygon with 6 sides
  30. 30. Heptagon a polygon with 7 sides Regular heptagon Irregular heptagon
  31. 31. Octagon a polygon with 8 sides Regular octagon Irregular octagon
  32. 32. Nonagon a polygon with 9 sides Regular nonagon Irregular nonagon
  33. 33. Decagon a polygon with 10 sides Regular decagon Irregular decagon
  34. 34. Undecagon a polygon with 11 sides Regular hendecagon Irregular hendecagon
  35. 35. Dodecagon a polygon with 12 sides Regular dodecagon Irregular dodecagon
  36. 36. Circle a curved line that forms a closed path on a flat surface
  37. 37. Polygon a closed, 2-dimensional figure made up of line segments joined end to end
  38. 38. Congruent exactly the same shape and size A B C D
  39. 39. Symmetrical having the same size and shape on either side of a line
  40. 40. Regular Polygon a polygon with all sides of equal length
  41. 41. Irregular Polygon a polygon with sides of different lengths
  42. 42. Convex Polygon a polygon with all vertices pushed outward
  43. 43. Concave Polygon a polygon with at least one vertex pushed in
  44. 44. Polyhedron a closed 3-dimensional figure whose surfaces are made up of polygons
  45. 45. Sphere a 3D shape with a single curved surface
  46. 46. Cone a 3D shape with a circular base, a curved surface, and one vertex
  47. 47. Cylinder a 3D shape with 2 congruent circular bases connected by a curved surface
  48. 48. Cube a polyhedron with 6 square faces
  49. 49. Pyramid a polyhedron that has a base and triangular faces meeting at a point (vertex) Triangular pyramid Square pyramid Rectangular pyramid Pentagonal pyramid Hexagonal pyramid
  50. 50. Prism Triangular prism Square prism Rectangular prism Pentagonal prism Hexagonal prism a polyhedron that has two identical bases and all flat sides