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Comic rubric

  1. 1. Names: Date: Pd: Rubric- Supply and Demand ComicSkill Assessed Strong - 4 Proficient - 3 Basic - 2 Weak - 1Content Use of content terms Use of content terms Use of content terms Use of content terms demonstrates an in depth demonstrates an demonstrates an demonstrates an incomplete and effective understanding understanding of the understanding of the or inaccurate understanding of the topic. There is a topic. There is use of topic but leaves some of the topic. Minimal use of substantial use of facts that facts that are connected aspects unaddressed. facts vaguely connection to are strongly connected to to the activity. Limited facts that are the activity. the activity. somewhat connection to the activity.Analysis Clearly logical response Response that includes Response that includes Response that has little that includes worthwhile worthwhile information some information that worthwhile information and information that is that addresses the partially addresses the addresses the essential connected to and essential question. essential question. question in a limited way. effectively answers the essential question.Synthesis Student uses most if not all Student uses some key Student uses a limited Student uses minimal key of the key terms the words and the response number of key words words and response has an response has an effective has an appropriate and the response has a ineffective or simplistic structure. structure. confusing structure. structure.Competency 2 Illustration/cartoon and Illustration/cartoon and Illustration/cartoon and Illustration/cartoon and student evaluation student evaluation student evaluation student evaluation demonstrates an effective demonstrates a grasp demonstrates a limited demonstrates a confused or grasp of the target of the target grasp of the target inaccurate grasp of the competency. competency. competency. target competencies.
  2. 2. Names: Date: Pd: Supply and Demand Comic (50 pts)TASK: In groups of two create an 8-slide comic that demonstrates the relationship between supply and demand.Choose from the following situations: 1. A popular Christmas item of your choice. What is the price of the item before Christmas, during, after? How and why does the price change? 2. How do unexpected weather conditions increase the demand of certain items or services? Think about the demand for the item or service before the weather conditions, during, and after. What is the relationship? How and why did they change? 3. Come up with your own situation that embodies the relationship between supply and demand. Make sure you get teacher approval first.Requirements: 8 slide comic Demonstrates an understanding of the following concepts: law of supply, law of demand, equilibrium, and disequilibrium (excess supply, excess demand). *** ATTACH ONE RUBRIC TO THE BACK OF YOUR COMIC WITH BOTH NAMES ON IT.