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  1. Introduction to Curriculum Theory and Development Textbook Evaluation WELCOME TO OUR GROUP PRESENTATION University of Guyana-Berbice Campus Faculty of Education and Humanities Lecture Name: Dr. Tamashwar Budhoo Your paragraph text
  2. GROUP MEMBERS Allettra Nicholson Bhudmattie Armogum Devishwar Bahadur Machola Adams Premeka Anand Savitri Balram Savona Cruickshank Vanetta Soloman
  3. Textbooks are the foundation of educational practice. It serves as a guidebook for the subject's goals, guiding both the teacher and the student. Because they provide instructions on certain subjects, textbooks are a crucial component of both teaching and learning in schools (Nnamdi-Eruchalu 2012). One of the bundled texts given to NGSA students as a resource to help them study for their examination was The Science made Easy Revised Edition (2021). Edited by Motielall Samaroo, published by MOE, Guyana, and written by Jonathan Benn and Brisshana Benn. It was implemented by the Government of Guyana to all primary schools across the nation.
  4. Plant kingdom Animal kingdom The human body Energy Weather Matter Explicit aim Earth and space Force and machine Interactions of plants and animals in Effects of man on the environme nt The Textbook's primary aim is to increase pupil's awarness and knowledge of:
  5. ● ●POSTERIORI KNOWLEDGE ● ● Some knowledge supported by this text are:
  6. -Students -Parents -School/country -Teachers
  7. The font size should be bigger. More critical thinking Recheck for spelling errors Revisit the label diagrams. RECOMMENDATION FOR THE TEXT BOOK ‘SCIENCE MADE EASY” include experiential activities
  8. Conclusion In Conclusion for teachers in Grades 5 and 6, the Science Made Easy Revised edition is now their go-to resource when it comes to preparing students for the NGSA. Additionally, it provides all grade levels of students and teachers with access to reliable and educational science content. This book has evolved into a crucial and important resource at the primary level for gaining access to scientific information, applications and for evaluation.
  9. Anonymous. (2021). More than half of Guyanese children taught but learning loss still a concern – World Bank. (2021, December 1). News Room Guyana. Anonymous. (2022). Textbooks for every public primary school pupil, secondary to receive within months. News Room Guyana. Critical Thinking > History (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). (n.d.). G. I., Nnamdi-Eruchalu. (2012). THE ROLE OF TEXTBOOKS IN EFFECTIVE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE. Nigerian Journal of Curriculum and Instruction Volume 20 No.1 NG%20OF%20.pdf Power, R. (2017, October 30). Six Learning Theories. Pressbooks. Sweller, J. (2011). Cognitive Load Theory. Elsevier EBooks, 37–76.
  10. THANK YOU I hope you can get useful knowledge from this presentation. Good luck !

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