October Backpack Express


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October Backpack Express

  1. 1. BACKPACK EXPRESS Union Pleasant Elementary School The Newsletter of Union Pleasant Elementary School October 2010 Inside this issue: From the Desk of Mrs. Peffer… During the school year, I will be sharing some timely “Parent Pointers” from Change of Plans for Dismissal 2 the Education World website. My hope is that these brief thoughts may address concerns or questions you may have throughout the year. Helping Hands 2 The following are some good pointers for starting the school year off: Parent-Child Connection 2 Mrs. Jacobs, School Nurse 6 Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start Set a firm, reasonable bed time. Kids need plenty of rest, especially as they readjust to the school-year schedule. Take time for a healthful breakfast each day. Children who eat well before school have energy to take full advantage of important morning instruction. Find a place for everything and put everything in its place. The beginning of the year is the time to set routines that will avoid lost backpacks and ma- terials. Copyright EducationWorld.com Staff News Emergency Evacuation Early Dismissal Drill On Friday, October 1, Hamburg Central School District will participate in the annual We welcomed the follow- Emergency, Evacuation/Early Dismissal Drill in order to fulfill the State Education Com- ing staff members to our missioner's Regulation that requires an annual drill. building during the month The students at UPES will be leaving school at 2:10 PM, 15 minutes earlier than of September – usual. For bus students, their buses may arrive in a different order to our parking lot as • Mrs. Norman, who is part of the simulation. Teachers and staff members will be at the buses to assist the stu- our new Certified Occu- dents onto the correct bus. pational Therapy Assis- Other schools in the district will be leaving 15 minutes earlier than their usual times. tant. Children attending any after school programs will arrive at them 15 minutes earlier as • Miss Loftus, who is now well. Please inform any after school care providers for your children of this change in working in our building time. part-time as a speech teacher. Concert Dates for 2010 – 2011 Congratulations to December 8 - Level 4 Concert – 7:00 PM Mrs. Scranton and her December 9 - Level 1 Musical – 7:00 PM husband, who are the proud December 15 - Level 5 Concert – 7:00 PM parents of their new son, February 16 - Level 2 Musical – 7:00 PM George Lewis Scranton, March 23 - UPES Musical – 7:00 PM born on September 16! May 17 - Level 3 Concert – 6:30 PM* Level 5 Concert – 7:30 PM* (*change from District calendar) May 25 - Level 4 Concert
  2. 2. Change of Dismissal Plans When plans for your children’s dismissal change dur- ing the school day, you need to notify the office as soon as possible. If you are picking up your child, you will need to sign him/her out from the cafeteria at dismissal time. If The Parent-Child Connection you are sending someone else to pick up your child, you A Volunteer Committee of must designate them in writing either by listing them on the the Family Support Center of Hamburg Student Information Form that is sent home in early Sep- Offering Enrichment Opportunities for Parents tember or by sending the office a note prior to the pick up. If your child is riding a different bus, we will issue them a ~ In collaboration with ~ bus pass. The Hamburg Central PTSA Special Ed Committee • Be sure to send in written notes for changes in Western Region PTA Special Ed Committee dismissal for your child including the name of Invite you to join us for a discussion who is picking your child up and/or the name, ~ Featuring ~ address and bus number of the bus your child Dr. Mary E. Schuetz, MD may be riding for that day and/or the name Board Certified in Neurodevelopmental and address of the location your child will be Disabilities, walking to that day. Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, and • Notes are required except for an occasional General Pediatrics unforeseen change of plans that occur during the school day. Please do NOT call to change Monday, October 18, 2010 your child’s dismissal plan after 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM after 10:00 AM on early dismissal days; 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Location: Armor Elementary School • If an emergency causes a change in your 5301 Abbott Road, Hamburg NY 14075 child’s dismissal from 2:00 PM on, you will need to pick up in the cafeteria at 2:25 PM The discussion will be centered on disabilities and com- instead of the office. mon, co-occurring physical issues. For example, when a child is diagnosed with a disability such as Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Autism, and/or Spina Bifida there are common addi- What is Helping Hands? tional physical and/or behavioral problems that may be Helping Hands is a PTA sponsored committee that present. Dr. Schuetz will offer ideas for how to best assists faculty by preparing upcoming materials for manage and advocate for a child in this circumstance so classroom activities. he/she can have an optimal chance to grow and prosper Volunteers are welcome to help with cutting out throughout his/her lifetime. * Note: A neurodevelop- lamination; sorting/separating items; collating; letter- mental pediatrician is a pediatrician who specializes in ing; stapling; gluing etc. The committee provides the the evaluation and care of infants and children who are having difficulty doing what other children their age are supplies and you provide the Helping Hands. able to do. Meetings are held in the Pleasant Avenue Cafeteria on the following Thursdays from 9:00 – 10:30 AM: RSVP is not required but appreciated as ♦ October 7 and 21 helpful for planning purposes. ♦ November 4 and 18 Christine Hoff at 648-7356 ♦ December 9 Hoffhofft15@aol.com or ♦ January 6 and 20 www.ParentChildConnection.org ♦ February 3 and 17 Regular attendance is not needed and children are welcome! ♦ March 3 and 17 If you can spare some time please email Carey Gibbons at ♦ April 7 crygibb@yahoo.com or call her at 649-5194. ♦ May 5 and 19 If you would like to be involved in the PTA and are not sure what you ♦ June 9 might like to join, why not try Helping Hands? We would love to have you! 2
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  6. 6. Union Pleasant Elementary School From Mrs. Jacobs, Our School Nurse... School Phone Numbers: Welcome back to school! Here is a reminder of Health Office proce- Main Office 646-3280 dures: Mrs. Jacqueline Peffer—Principal Mr. James Martinez —Assistant Principal Reporting an absence or tardiness – Please call our attendance Mrs. J. Merrill—Secretary office at 646-3288. We have voice mail, so you can call anytime and Mrs. M.B. Murray—Secretary leave a message. If we don’t hear from you, our attendance secretary, Mrs. Hohl, makes every effort to contact you or someone on your Mrs. M. Rozler—Secretary emergency contact list, so that we are sure that your child is safe. Attendance/Health Office 646-3288 An absence or tardiness excuse must accompany your child when Mrs. J. Jacobs - Nurse 646-3287 they return to school. Any absence will become illegal if a written Mrs. D. Hohl - Secretary note is not received. Mrs. J. Tuholski (Social Worker) 646-3295 Illness – Do not send your child to school if he/she has had a fever, Miss L. Scibetta (Social Worker) 646-3249 was vomiting, or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, pink-eye (unless Kitchen 646-3294 they are on medicated eye drops), strep throat (must be on an antibi- Mrs. Janet Gahr (Cook Manager) otic for at least 24 hours before returning), a cold with a very runny LMC 646-4091 nose or a bad cough, especially if it has kept the child awake at night, Ms. Barbara Donovan (LMC Specialist) an undiagnosed rash, chicken pox (unless all the scabs have scabbed over), impetigo or ringworm (unless treated), head lice/nits. Website Address: Medication – It is district policy that if the school nurse is to admin- www.hamburgschools.org ister any medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, she must have written permission from both the parent and the health care provider. The medication must be in its original con- Editor: Mary Beth Murray tainer, and kept in the Health Office. Physicals – The New York State Education Department requires physicals for all 2nd and 4th graders, as well as students entering Backpack Express Deadline kindergarten, and students new to the district. These physicals may All articles for the Backpack Express are due by the third Thursday of each be done by your own physician anytime within a twelve-month pe- month. Articles for the November edition riod prior to entering that grade. are due by Thursday, October 21, You can send in your own physician's form or request a form 2010. from your school nurse. Completed forms may be mailed to me at Due to page constraints, some articles 150 Pleasant Avenue, sent in to school with your child, or faxed to may need to be modified. Submissions me at 646-3237. can be placed in the mailbox located in If there is a hardship, the school can provide a physical for your the main office. Please include your child, but you must contact me as soon as possible so I can make name and phone number in case there are those arrangements. any questions. Gym excuses – Parent notes excusing a child from gym need to come to the Health Office first. The note should give the reason for the ex- cuse. A doctor’s note is necessary if the excuse is for longer than a week. Let’s have a safe and healthy school year! 6