31.1.13 facilitator session 1 (1)


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  • Thanks for volunteering your services and skills. We can see that these are many and varied from your experiences shared via forms. We appreciate having your classroom, leadership and coaching and mentoring skills at our disposal and really value having you all on board to help us develop the programme. There are much bigger organisations than us trying to do the same thing and we are proud of what we have. Early indications are that the sessions are valued by staff who have taken part so far.
  • Common goals – just we are focusing on developing a programme AND a delivery method which is inspirational, aspirational but also practical and attainable.
  • Ice-breaker then taskTo reflect on methods of delivery to use (how to deliver, to familiarise with content of sessions, to explore options with colleagues)Initial priorities then group consensus with ideas
  • Hope these timescales are practical for you
  • Anne Hutchison manager, YMcB lead officer responsible for co-ordinating the programme, session arrangements (with schools and centre admin staff) and ongoing quality assurance, development and training. We are working on the admin procedures at the moment – excel might be best for all and glow sub-group would ensure privacy.
  • Give time to study sample. Rigorous protocol will minimise the evidence gathering for everyone concerned. All of the paperwork will be provided for you except for this – we are working on turning this into an excel document to make the admin much simpler. The log is the formal record of the session and should be as accurate as possible. It could be referred to as evidence by a wide range of professionals for a wide range of purposes.
  • May or may not be for you. Might be useful to record training session notes in – keep private or share as desired
  • Contact Malcolm if your ICT co-ordinator can’t help with any glow issues you may have
  • Will send a reminder email with these tasks and a direct link to glow. We have already given you all access to the group. It is closed to most at the moment
  • 31.1.13 facilitator session 1 (1)

    1. 1. The Falkirk Teaching for Deep Learning ProgrammeFacilitator Training Session 1 31st January 2013
    2. 2. What are we aiming for?• To move Falkirk schools from good to GREAT!!• To help teachers develop deep learning with their pupils• To increase pupil attainment and achievement• To increase teacher knowledge and understanding of the craft of teaching (pedagogy)• To support teachers and boost their confidence and motivation
    3. 3. Training needs identified:• TIME – to become familiar with the content• OBSERVATION/SHADOWING• TEAM DELIVERY• ONGOING SUPPORT NETWORK/REGULAR MEETINGS• BUDDY/POINT OF CONTACTPrioritise these and feedback
    4. 4. Dates, times, tasks• 31/1/13, 14/3/13, 2/5/13, 6/6/13, 29/8/13, 3/10/13, 5/12/13• Tasks between training sessions – 6 week turnaround
    5. 5. Contracting Issues - Who is responsible for what?• School & centre admin staff co-ordinate session arrangements through YMcB• School will print materials for sessions• School will copy evaluations & send to centre• Facilitators complete log & send to centre following session• Centre will collate evaluation materials & trigger follow up• Centre will co-ordinate training, support & development
    6. 6. The Facilitator Log• Essential record of session• Complete as soon as possible after session• Records those present• Provides summary of what happened• Notes next steps for the group• Records any other actions arising• Provides evidence to enable evaluation of the programme• Provides evidence for schools & staff
    7. 7. Reflective Programme Journal• Your informal record of progress• Optional way to note your thoughts on how the sessions have gone• Useful way to record ideas for improving the programme or your delivery of sessions• Informal place to reflect on how you feel your facilitation is developing• Your choice, your way
    8. 8. We will use Glow as:• A resource store/information depository• A communication tool combined with email, etc• A reflection forum• To share our work and ideas• To maintain effective administration, organisation & monitoring of impact gained• To provide support & encouragement• The hub of our programme
    9. 9. Let’s have a go!Volunteers please to:1.Navigate to our facilitator group2.Open a set of session notes3.Open, read, and comment on a discussion thread4.Start a new discussion thread
    10. 10. Follow on tasks – by 28.2.131. Visit glow group – study session notes to select:a) a session you would like to see deliveredb) a session you would like to deliver later (1st, 2nd, 3rd choices please)2. Leave a comment or start a new discussion thread