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4.8 notes


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4.8 notes

  1. 1. Bellwork Find the value of x . 3. If the measure of vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is 112° , what are the measures of the base angles? x = 8 x = 3 34
  2. 2. 4.8 Congruence Transformations Transformation: operation that moves or changes a figure Image: the new figure moves figure the same distance in same direction creates a mirror image of original figure turns a figure around the center of rotation (fixed point) Reflection: Reflection: Tran sl ation: Tran sl ation: slides Rotation: Rotation: reflects rotates
  3. 3. Coordinate Notation for Translations Original Image (x,y) (x+a, y+b) Translations
  4. 4. Coordinate Notation of Reflections Reflections Original Image (x, y) (x, -y) Original Image (x, y) (-x, y) Around the x-axis Around the y-axis
  5. 5. Coordinate Notation for a Rotation Rotation Clockwise Counterclockwise Angle of Rotation : rays drawn from center of rotation to figures 60 90
  6. 7. HW pg.276 4-22 evens, 26-28