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  • Discuss with students how orientation went for them. Key is – are they prepared for first day of courses?
  • Review the concept and background to Homeroom courses.
  • Today, we are going to begin our first Define U Leadership Lesson
  • Introduction to homeroom

    1. 1.  New students – do you feel prepared to start your courses today?  Returning students – can you share something you learned during Orientation that you didn’t know? Agora Cyber Charter School
    2. 2.  Homeroom = .25 HS Credit ◦ Not passing could hold you back from being promoted!  Define U and Grade Level Specific Leadership Lessons  Meet every Monday at 8:00am ◦ The six instances in which Homeroom sessions will take place on Tuesday/Wednesday, rather than Monday are: October 15th, December 10th, January 21st, February 18th, April 19th, and May 27th. Agora Cyber Charter School
    3. 3. Agora Cyber Charter School Welcome to Interactive and Engaging Life and Leadership Sessions to help you define who you are and where you want to go!
    4. 4. Agora Cyber Charter School
    5. 5. “How to work together and keep to your goals” “It was a fun way to help you find yourself” “This program shows how much you really need to have good study habits” “Teaches leadership skills that you can keep for many years in the future” “Helps to motivate you” Agora Cyber Charter School
    6. 6. Agora Cyber Charter School “Don’t be afraid to ask questions” “Having better study habits” “Listening, leadership and patience” “It helped me learn more about myself “ “To focus and persevere” “Ways to better manage my life” “How to be a better leader”
    7. 7. Skills you will learn and build upon! Effective Communication Team Building Leadership 101 Overcoming Failure Leadership Styles Goal Setting Time Management Positive Risk Taking Decision Making Problem Solving Understanding Values Listening Skills Agora Cyber Charter School
    8. 8. Agora Cyber Charter School
    9. 9. Highlights of Activities  Leadership Styles Quiz  Life Positioning SystemTM  Values Exercise  Numerous Hands On Team Building Activities Agora Cyber Charter School
    10. 10. Agora Cyber Charter School Over 2,000 college students have taken this. We think you are ready now!
    11. 11. 2013 - 2104 Leadership Program Agora Cyber Charter School
    12. 12. Rules to Play By! -All ideas are good ones. -Listening is key. -Ask lots of questions -Take a lot of notes -Meet new people -Have Fun! Agora Cyber Charter School
    13. 13. Agora Cyber Charter School Effective Decision Making – You Decide Leadership Works of Art! – What do you think ? Leadership Gallery – Touring Leadership Skills to learn from leaders Stating and Striving for Goals – Let’s hear about them
    14. 14. Agora Cyber Charter School Effective Decision Making Chocolate or Vanilla Leadership Works of Art! – Movie or Book First? Leadership Gallery – Inside or Outside? Stating and Striving for Goals – Set High or Achievable>
    15. 15. Agora Cyber Charter School Effective Decision Making – You Decide! Which Leadership Skill do you think is most important for a leader to have? Polling Letter Skill A Determination B Perseverance C Communication Skills D Decision Making E Teamwork
    16. 16. Agora Cyber Charter School Leadership Works of Art! – Write out another skill besides the one we just reviewed! Maybe it is one you already have!
    17. 17. Agora Cyber Charter School Stating and Striving for Goals Set High or Achievable
    18. 18. Agora Cyber Charter School Leadership Gallery – Touring Leaders’ Skills