Sarah and frances vocab


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Vocabulary from "The Phantom Tollbooth"

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Sarah and frances vocab

  1. 1. By: Sarah Causer and Frances Kujawski
  2. 2. LoiterDef: To waste time or dawdle over work
  3. 3. QuagmireDef: an area of miry or boggy ground whose surface yields under the tread.
  4. 4. FlabbergastDef: to overcome with surprise and bewilderment.
  5. 5. UpholsteryDef: the materials used to cushion and cover furniture.
  6. 6. PunctuatedDef: to mark or divide with punctuation marks to make the meaning clear.
  7. 7. TurnpikeDef: a high-speed highway, especially one maintained by tolls.
  8. 8. CartographersDef: a person engaged in cartography, or the production of maps.
  9. 9. IndignantlyDef: feeling, characterized by, or expressing strong displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting, or base.
  10. 10. QuizzicallyDef: questioning or puzzled.
  11. 11. ConductDef: personal behavior, way of acting, bearing or deportment.
  12. 12. CommendableDef: Worthy of praise
  13. 13. AmbitionDef: desire for work or activity.
  14. 14. BrevityDef: the quality of expressing much in few words.
  15. 15. BroughamDef: a four-wheeled, boxlike, closed carriage for two or four people, having the drivers perch outside.
  16. 16. SuperfluousDef: being more than is sufficient or required.
  17. 17. FrankfurtersDef: a small, cooked and smoked sausage of beef or beef and pork, with or without casing; hot dogs.
  18. 18. FlankedDef: the side of an animal or a person between the ribs and hip.
  19. 19. ScandalousDef: disgraceful, shameful or shocking; improper.
  20. 20. PitfallsDef: a lightly covered and unnoticeable pit prepared as a trap for people or animals.
  21. 21. OminousDef: portending evil or harm; foreboding, threatening or inauspicious.
  22. 22. MirageDef: something illusory, without substance or reality.
  23. 23. AbruptlyDef: Sudden or unexpected.
  24. 24. PromontoryDef: A bluff, or part of a plateau, overlooking a lowland.
  25. 25. SmogDef: smoke or other atmospheric pollutants combined with fog in an unhealthy or irritating mixture.
  26. 26. ExasperatedDef: to irritate or provoke to a high degree; annoy extremely.
  27. 27. ChromaDef: the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray.
  28. 28. InconvenientDef: not easily accessible or at hand.
  29. 29. LuminousDef: radiating or reflecting light; shining and bright.
  30. 30. CascadeDef: a waterfall descending over a steep, rocky surface.
  31. 31. LaudableDef: deserving praise, praiseworthy, commendable.
  32. 32. VigorouslyDef: full of or characterized by vigor.
  33. 33. SavoryDef: pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell.
  34. 34. FamineDef: extreme and general scarcity of food, as in a country or a large geographical area.
  35. 35. NimblyDef: quick and light in movement.
  36. 36. MagnitudeDef: greatness of size or amount.
  37. 37. DoffedDef: to remove or take off, as clothing.
  38. 38. AccustomedDef: to familiarize by custom or use.
  39. 39. StrenuousDef: characterized by vigorous exertion, as action, efforts, life, etc.
  40. 40. SimultaneouslyDef: existing, occurring, or operating at the same time.
  41. 41. EngulfedDef: to swallow up in or as in a gulf.
  42. 42. TriviumDef: the lower division of the seven liberal arts.
  43. 43. DisconsolateDef: without consolation or solace; hopelessl y, unhappy or inconsolable.
  44. 44. VengeanceDef: infliction of injury or harm.
  45. 45. GelatinousDef: having the nature of or resembling jelly, especially inconsistency and jellylike.
  46. 46. HenceforthDef: from now on; from this point forward.
  47. 47. ForthwithDef: immediately, at once, or without delay.
  48. 48. ReignDef: the period during which a sovereign occupies the throne.
  49. 49. hereinafterDef: afterward in this document, statement, and more.
  50. 50. JoustsDef: a combat in which two knights on horse- back attempted.
  51. 51. FolliesDef: the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense.