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The Sixth and the Ninth Commandments

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The Sixth Commandment and The Ninth Commandment
  2. 2. • The Sixth Commandment – You shall not commit adultery • The Church understands the sixth commandment as encompassing all of human sexuality • Sexuality is a good and important part of the whole person. It is a gift from God, and must be treated with dignity
  3. 3. • Christ is the model of chastity • Chastity is a moral virtue, a grace, and a fruit of spiritual effort • With chastity, we conform our desires and actions to right reason and Christian faith • You see and treat others as they are, created in the image and likeness of God
  4. 4. • Through sex: - Love for a spouse is expressed and deepened - We become co-creators with God, bringing new life into the world
  5. 5. • In Christian marriage, a man and a woman make a total and permanent gift of themselves to each other
  6. 6. • In the sacrament of Matrimony, the husband and wife are the ministers of the sacrament. • A priest or deacon acts as a witness to the vows of the couple • The husband and wife promise to remain faithful to each other for life
  7. 7. • Sins against the sixth commandment include the capital sin of lust in all its forms; any act that denies or violates human dignity • Adultery or unfaithfulness is a sin against the promises (vows) made in the sacrament of matrimony
  8. 8. • Sex is not to be a selfish act, nor is it to be used as entertainment • As in all things, a person is called to treat all people (including himself or herself) with dignity and respect
  9. 9. • Divorce and remarriage without annulment: • The Church requires annulment, a declaration that the marriage was not valid because an essential element of the sacrament was missing These include: • unity • intention of permanence • openness to raising children
  10. 10. • Chastity is the virtue that helps us control our desires and treat our own body and the bodies of others with dignity • Sex is more than a physical act • God, through the sixth commandment, directs us to see each other as deserving of love and respect • Chastity and self control help us to handle the emotional and spiritual aspects of sex and sexuality
  11. 11. • The Ninth Commandment - You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife (or your neighbor’s house)
  12. 12. • The struggle against covetousness includes purifying the heart and practicing temperance • Keeping the commandments takes diligence and prayer – With faith comes strength.
  13. 13. • The ninth commandment supports the obligations given in the sixth commandment • Covetousness refers to being inappropriately desirous of something that is not yours. • In this commandment, it is clear that such inappropriate desires can destroy a person’s home life
  14. 14. • We are called to practice chastity and temperance (self control), decency and discretion (wise judgment) in all of our relationships with others