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Flipping the classroom power point

  1. 1. Tina SchmidtSt. Ignatius of Antioch School, Yardleytschmidt@sischool.org
  2. 2. Teaching style developed by Aaron Sams and JonBergmann, Science teachers from Woodland Park HighSchool, Colorado.Flipping the Classroom Video OverviewTeaching for Tomorrow
  3. 3. • Transfers the ownership of learning to the students• Personalizes learning for all students• Gives teachers time to explore deeper learningopportunities and pedagogies with their students(Project Based Learning, etc)• Makes learning (not teaching) the center of theclassroom.• Maximizes the face to face time in the classroom
  4. 4.  Think of the flipped class as another techniquein your arsenal Don’t flip a class – first flip a lesson. Start with a lesson student’s struggle with andmake a video. What do I constantly have torepeat? Keep the videos short. 1-2 min per grade level Make it a center in your classroom Do one video a week or choose one concept toflip My Division Example
  5. 5. Collaborative Websites like:EdmodoSchoologyCollaborize Classroom
  6. 6.  A free, private, social learning network forteachers, students and parents Connecting over 19 million students andteachers globally
  7. 7. Edmodo is accessible from any web-enableddevice 1 : 1 device program (class set or BYOD) Classroom computer centers Home computers/devices On the go with mobile devices
  8. 8.  Post assignments, including documents, weblinks and flipped classroom lessons Class discussion threads Auto-graded and teacher graded quizzes Polls and Notes – quick formative assessmenttools Differentiate assignments and activities Make global connections Go paperless Practice digital citizenship Join educator groups to connect with teachers
  9. 9.  Create teacher account Create a group Share the groupcode with thestudents
  10. 10. Students signin with theunique groupcode providedby the teacher.Only thosewith the codewill be able tojoin the group.
  11. 11. The teacher can: Lock the group once all students have joined Moderate all posts and replies Set students to “read only” Delete student posts Give parents their own unique access code Reset student passwords View student activity/log on data Students can only post to the teacher or thewhole group – no private messaging betweenstudents
  12. 12. From Sharon Casadei – Mary, Mother of the Redeemer
  13. 13.  Quizzes - auto graded or teacher graded• Multiple choice• True/False• Short answer• Fill in the blank• Matching Polls Notes
  14. 14. All student data is time stamped.
  15. 15.  Download the Edmodo app Create a teacher account Join our group◦ Tech Academy 2013 Group◦ Use the Group Code I provide in class Try out the quiz and poll I put inthere.