The space race


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The space race

  1. 1. Presenting……
  2. 2. A 5f production
  3. 3. The Space Race A speech made by Eddie (Not telling you my sir name!!!!)<Lasts for approximately 5 minutes>
  4. 4. Life too boring for you? Is homework taking your mind too hard? Wanted the adventure of a lifetime? Then you’ve come to the right place. It’s black, it’s big– that’s right, we’re going to outer space. So who’s with me? For the ones who are, first stop, the moon! (oh, and did I mention that there was DEFINITLY no cow that jumped over the moon? Honest.). Full moon! It’s a full moon! Actually, it always stays like that. It just looks like it has changed shape. The moon has far too many craters to count (but not too many to fit on the moon. Tee hee!)
  5. 5. The moon is fifty times smaller than Earth! People have made observatories so they can check out the moon. Ever wondered why there are high tides and low ones?It’s the moon. That big white dot in the sky at night? The moon. OK, next stop, Uranus! (that green one, remember?) It’s a gas giant, which means you can’t really land on it. Uranus spins on it’s side, so it’s rings go around it vertically.
  6. 6. The first layer of gas on Uranus is gas and crystals, and under it is gas NEARLY turned into liquid. Under THAT is frozen liquid. (I thought it was a GAS giant, not a FROST giant). The cause of this “side-ways thingy” is probably an asteroid hitting Uranus and tipping it over to one side! The core of Uranus (instead of being made of Iron like Earth’s core) is made of solid rock and is about the size of Earth! Pretty big, huh.
  7. 7. Gee, it is getting cold here. Let’s go somewhere hot…….. REALLY HOT! Yup, it’s the sun. MILLIONS of degrees hot (probably), and heart of the solar system. Oh, look! There’s a sign. It says………………“CAUTION; NEVER LOOK STRAIGHT AT THE SUN, EVEN THROUGH DARK GLASSES.” hmmm… nice advice, sign! Never EVER look straight at the sun, even through sunglasses. It may cause temporary blindness.
  8. 8. Here’s a story…A man was looking at the sun. “I’M BLINDED!!!” he screamed as he looked away. But when he recovered, he saw BRAINS ON FLOWERS!!!!! “brains on flowers!” he gasped; so he wrote a story about it.Hmmmmm………… mysterious. Anyway, I don’t think it’s even a real story.
  9. 9. Right. It’s time to go home. And we’re not stop’n yet. We’re going to find out Mother Earths dark sides. No, not talking about zombies and demons. It’s way worse. I’m talking about VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES. First, meer mountains. Want a shrinking fact?All kinds of weather (yes, maybe thunder storms) in all kinds of places have shredded tops of mountains and made them small!
  10. 10. Now, continuing with evil Earth. Actually, not talking evil anymore! Earth speeds around the sun at 66,630 miles an hour! Thats faster than a speeding bullet!!! 30 times faster, to be exact. Earth is a few million kilometres away from the sun; that means it is the right distance away from the sun for there to be life on Earth. If it were too close, water would turn into gas. And we need water to survive.If it were too far away, water would turn into ice.
  11. 11. Thank the sun for our heat; because if we didn’t have heat from the sun, Earth would be a freezing -270 degrees Celsius! Right, Next stop Venus! (I don’t like it very much). Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, even though it isnt closest to the sun. At a sizzling 464 degrees C, one step into Venus and your leg is burnt off! It is 459 degrees C hotter than Earth, which it’s average surface temp is 15 degrees C.
  12. 12. Venus is the closest planet to Earth; but even though it’s close, we can’t see it’s surface. Whos the culprit? Venus’s clouds. Not like our clouds, they are very, VERY thick, and are POISONUS! In the 1990’s, a space probe called ‘Magellan’ orbited Venus. GIGANTIC Volcanoes were discovered that were unidentical to any volcano in the solar system. It’s very hot, so I don’t think it’s a good place for anyone to visit!
  13. 13. VGHSZHHHH! Oh! You’re still here! I was imagining I was being sucked into a black hole; A black hole forms when a star stops burning. It gets smaller as it cools down. If a LARGE star gets shrunk, it’s gravity becomes so strong that it sucks In light. That’s why black holes look black.
  14. 14. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!This was made by a kid, y’know!Software used to make this: Microsoft PowerPoint (thanks, Microsoft!)
  15. 15. I’d like to thankwww.henry’ for giving me the facts I needed for this slideshow.
  16. 16. GLOSSERYSolar system (SOH-la-sist-im)The ring of planets which Earth circles in.Orbit (AWR-bit)To go around a star, planet or moon.Moon (MOON)The moon that orbits Earth.