The ABC's of Israel


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The ABC's of Israel

  1. 1. The ABC's of Israel created by Room 8 2 nd Grade, Asa C. Adams School Orono, Me December 2008
  2. 2. Shalom is a Hebrew greeting. Marhaba is an Arabic greeting. Hello is an English greeting. These are the 3 main languages of Israel. This ABC book will use Hebrew, Arabic, and English words.
  3. 3. A is for: Arabic ~ one of 3 main languages of Israel Arbah ~ the number 4 in Hebrew Arbaa ~ the number 4 in Arabic Afikoman ~ is a piece of matza hidden during the Passover Seder as part of a game.
  4. 4. B is for: Bethlehem ~ a city in Israel. Christian people believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
  5. 5. C is for: Chutzpah ~ a Hebrew word for nerve like an attitude Challah ~ a kind of Jewish bread that is usually braided.
  6. 6. D is for: Desert ~ more than half of Israel is a desert. Dead Sea ~ is the deepest, salt water lake in the world. It is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean.
  7. 7. E is for: English ~ one of 3 main languages used in Israel Esair ~ Hebrew word for 10
  8. 8. F is for: Four Questions ~ On Passover, 4 questions are asked and answered as a way to remember why it is celebrated
  9. 9. G is for: Gelt ~ a Hebrew word for money, at Hannukkah, children get candy gelt Gaza ~ a city that was once part of Israel but was given to the Palestines in 2005
  10. 10. H is for: Humans ~ Humans have lived in Israel for over 3,000 years Hanukkah ~ a Jewish holiday about the miracle of the lights
  11. 11. I is for: Israel ~ became a modern country in 1948 Id al-fitr ~ is the feast at the end of Ramadan, a Muslim holiday Ibex ~ a wild goat that lives in Israel
  12. 12. J is for: Jerusalem ~ the capital city of Israel. It is over 3,000 years old.
  13. 13. K is for: Kibbutz ~ a place where everyone works together and lives together like a giant family. The work is usually a farm or a small factory. Kaif ~ means “how” in Arabic
  14. 14. L is for: Lion ~ is a symbol of Israel Latkes ~ potato pancakes, a Jewish food La ~ means “no” in Arabic
  15. 15. M is for: Menorah ~ a candle holder for either seven or nine candles used in the Jewish religion Mishmish ~ hebrew word for apricot Matzah ~ is a crunchy munchy cracker eaten instead of bread during Passover
  16. 16. N is for: Negev Desert ~ This desert takes up more than half of Israel. It is very dry. Between June and October it doesn't rain at all!
  17. 17. O is for: Ostrich ~ a bird that lives in Israel.
  18. 18. P is for: Passover ~ a Jewish holiday to celebrate when they escaped from Egyptian slavery
  19. 19. Q is for Quran ~ this is the holy book of Islam Qahwa ~ is the Arabic word for coffee
  20. 20. R is for: Ramadan ~ a Muslim holiday to celebrate the Quran. During the day, Muslims fast to learn patience, sacrifice, and humility.
  21. 21. S is for: Sitti ~ this means “Grandma” in Arabic Seder ~ is a feast in Hebrew Shabat Shalom ~ means “Peace in the Home” in Hebrew
  22. 22. T is for: al Thalatha ~ means “Tuesday” in Arabic Tzedakah ~ means to give money to the poor in Hebrew
  23. 23. U is for: Umna ~ the mother of Mohammed. Mohammed is a prophet of God in the Muslim religion.
  24. 24. V is for: Vav ~ is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet
  25. 25. W is for: White oryx ~ this is an animal that lives in Israel.
  26. 26. X is for: X ~ X is sometimes used as an abbreviation for the word, “Christ”. Christian is one of three main religions of Israel
  27. 27. Y is for: Young volunteers come from all over the world to work in Israel.
  28. 28. Z is for: Zayda ~ means “Grandfather” in Hebrew