World religion presentation 2


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World religion presentation 2

  1. 1. DO NOW: Work on this table. Try to put words in as many different columns as you can. (3 minutes)
  2. 2. How will we study religion? Normative study How things ought to be What is right Descriptive study Description of how things are Does not make a value judgment. Does not say what shouldbe
  3. 3. How will we study religion? Assume a “rationalist stance” Believers think they are making truth claims Reject the psychological (Freudian) view that people are not really saying what they think they are saying
  4. 4. Method
  5. 5. Method Method Questions? How can we fairly study a religion that is not our own ? Usually religious study is done from within a tradition. Answer We can study the truth about the religion rather than the truth of the religion without believing Example: I want to study Hinduism. I do not want to convert to Hinduism. Descriptive study Provide an accurate description of religions by presenting fundamental ideas as a framework for faith Particular claims that fall short of consistency with other claims or that lead to ethical or logical problems will be noted
  6. 6. Definition
  7. 7. Definition Definition What is meant by religion? Religions from East differ from West Many eastern religions are not focused on whether god exists Some religions do not focus on moral issues the same way others do Some have little concern for the individual person, but great concern for family, caste or society
  8. 8. Definition Requirements of definition Broad enough to cover all instances of religion Narrow enough to limit the use to only religious aspects of life (verses recreation, politics, work) Neutral about questions of truth Must be usable, workable Definition:
  9. 9. Definition: The condition of being “ultimately concerned”
  10. 10. Definition Explanation People have many concerns (food, clothing, shelter) in life. Some concerns in life claim ultimacy. Total surrender. of religion. Paradigm shift. Ultimate concern promises complete fulfillment at the same time it make a demand.
  11. 11. DO NOW: Chose two or three different religions. Explain how they fit the definition of being “ultimately concerned.” List two or three thing in life that we are concerned with, but not ultimately concerned. 4 minutes
  12. 12. Review from yesterday
  13. 13. Elements of many religions – one view: Gifted individuals as important figures Sacred texts Rituals Division or disagreement
  14. 14. Elements of many religions – another view: Belief in supernatural or ultimate reality beyond yet connected to human existence Distinguish between sacred and profane – space, time, people Rituals
  15. 15. Elements of many religions – another view: Moral code Common emotional feelings such as “wonder at existence” joy, guilt, bond of community Encourage and provide ways to communicate with the divine Sacred stories
  16. 16. Elements of many religions – another view: Organize life for individuals according to dress codes, sacrifices, etc…. Promote social organizations to carry out leadership Promise inner peace and harmony. Offer hope and meaning beyond mere physical survival. Typically offer a future hope with a figure who will usher in a new age Must propagate themselves. Missionary activity or through procreation for all traditions. Primary way religions are propagated.