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Lesson 1 multimedia authoring


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Lesson 1 multimedia authoring

  2. 2. USES OF MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTSEducationalPromotionalGamesInformationQuizzesSimulatorsStorybooks
  4. 4. CLIENT BRIEFYou will receive a brief from your client asking for a specific product.It will have a specific audience and purposeYou will ‘brainstorm’ several ideas using a planning tool such as a mind mapSeveral ideas will be generated which should be discussed with the client before the initial planning process will be undertaken
  5. 5. PLANNINGThe overall design of the product will be carried out including how the product will be navigatedDetailed storyboards or diagrams will be generated which will include all of the following:Colour scheme, font sizes and styles, buttons or links, the names of the files to be used, the source and copyright information of any assets that will be usedThese may also be discussed with the client
  6. 6. CREATE OR ACQUIRE ASSETSCollect together all of the elements to be used in the productThese may include the following:TextSoundVideoImagesAnimations
  7. 7. CREATIONUsing the chosen software the product is developed following the planning documentsFile names are carefully used to enable the product to be added to and edited as it is developedThe quality of all the assets is assessed as the product is developedEvents and scripting is used to make the product work seamlessly
  8. 8. TESTINGThe product will need to be tested thoroughly to ensure everything works as plannedEvery aspect of the product is tested including:Ease of useSpelling and grammarQuality of elementsOperating on different formatsUser testing
  9. 9. EVALUATIONThe finished product will be evaluated to ensure it is fit for purpose and of a suitable qualityThis will ensure it meets the client brief