Lesson 1 different types of animation


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Lesson 1 different types of animation

  2. 2. INVESTIGATE TYPES OF ANIMATIONZoetropeCel animationClaymationStop frame/stop motionCGIFlipbooks
  3. 3. ZOETROPEThe zoetrope produces theillusion of movement when theviewer looks through the slits inits sides while it shows asequence of images that are allslightly different
  4. 4. CEL ANIMATIONCel animation involves the useof many transparent sheetswhich can all be laid on top ofone another. The imageson each sheet will beChanged to give the illusion ofmovement this is repeateduntil a full length animation isproduced
  5. 5. CLAYMATIONThis is a combination of stopmotion animation and usingclay models that are movedslightly before each image istaken to create the illusion ofmovement when the imagesare shown in sequence
  6. 6. CGI - ANIAMTIONA very sophisticatedmethod of animationwhich uses tweening,morphing andkeyframes to producethe effect of movement
  7. 7. FLIPBOOKSThese are createdusing paper or card withan image being drawnon each page with aslight change in thepostition so that whenthe pages are flicked theimage appears to move
  8. 8. YOUR TASKResearch each of the different typesof animation describing how theyare created and providing images tohelp illustrate what you havewritten.