Ao1 digital camera settings


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Ao1 digital camera settings

  1. 1. Digital Camera Settings Investigate photography using a digital camera
  2. 2. Resolution This controls the amount of detail held in the photograph The higher the resolution the more detailed the image will be A higher resolution image is physically larger in size and will take up more space on the memory card
  3. 3. Canon Powershot A460Large 2592 x 1944Medium 1 2048 x 1536Medium 2 1600 x 1200Small 640 x 480Postcard 1600 x 1200Wide 2592 x 1456
  4. 4. Comparing settings Take 3 photographs of the same thing using the different resolution settings Store the photographs in a folder called Resolution Explain any differences you can see in each of the photographs e.g. file size, detail, clarity
  5. 5. Controlling Exposure Exposure is the amount of light that is allowed to fall on the image sensor The two controls that affect exposure are aperture and shutter speed Which particular settings you choose depends on the situation. If the subject is moving, and you want to freeze the motion, choose the settings with the fastest shutter speed. If the subject is stationary and you want maximum clarity, choose the settings with the smallest aperture (to increase depth of field).
  6. 6. Depth of Field
  7. 7. ISO Speed and Exposure ISO affects the shutter speed / aperture combinations you can use to obtain correct exposure ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds (for example an indoor sports event when you want to freeze the action in lower light) If there is not enough light you can increase the ISO setting this can be done automatically or manually ISO settings in the Canon A460 are Auto, High,
  8. 8. Photographs Take a selection of indoor photograph using a range of different ISO settings Compare the images
  9. 9. Macro modeMacro mode is generally symbolizedwith a little flower and when selectedit will tell your camera that you wantto focus on a subject closer to yourlens than normalMacro mode will also usually tell your camera to choose alarge aperture so that yoursubject is in focus but thebackground is not
  10. 10. Macro mode Take a selection of photographs using Macro mode to demonstrate that you understand what it is used for
  11. 11. Digital v Optical zoom Describe digital zoom Describe optical zoom Compare the two al_Photography/412.php(link in shared area)