World Cultures Story


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World Cultures Story

  1. 1. Once there was boy named Ajay who lived in the city of Mohenjo- Daro. Ajay was an only child and had no parents. He was a very nice boy, although had no money. Day after day Ajay got hungrier and hungrier and there was nobody to feed him. There came a turning point in Ajay’s life, simply because he was so hungry he could not take it anymore. As he got hungrier he got more angry and started stealing foods from crops and pick-pocketing all over Mohenjo- Daro. Ajay eventually was very happy with this life and became well known for being a criminal all over Mohenjo- Daro and everybody was frightened of him. Thus there once came a time when Ajay was searching for somewhere to steal and he came across a grand figure called “The Priest King”. Ajay was so amazed that he decided to give up his sinning ways and become part of the Hindu religion. Ajay daily went to a Hindu priest to learn and create a new life for himself. Mohenjo- Daro felt safe now that they knew Ajay would no longer torment them and they even started to praise Ajay for joining Hinduism. Ajay took a walk and went to the Great Bath of Mohenjo- Daro and as he stepped in he felt as if all of his sins have been washed away. When Ajay arrived back to the temple, he told the priest about this experience. The priest simply told Ajay, “You now truly know what it is to be part of the Hindu religion.” Just from this experience, Ajay became a Hindu priest and an example to many. End