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The preist king


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I uploaded another one of these 10x's beter but i cant find it!!!

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The preist king

  1. 1. The Priest King
  2. 2. There once lived a young boy named Kanvar, which means “Prince” in Indian. He was born in a very wealthy family and when he turned 18 his father passed away and he was crowned king of Mohenjo-Daro.
  3. 3. After Kanvar became king, it was time to find a wife to be at his side. He ordered all of his royal servants to find the most beautiful and farest lady in the whole land and bring her back to him.
  4. 4. His most loyal royal servant Rajeev, which mean Lotus in Indian, brought back only one woman who he believed to be just right for Kanvar. Her name was Chahna, which means Love in Indian.
  5. 5. Immediately after Kanvar layed eyes on Chahna he fell head over heels for her. He demanded that they were to be married right away!
  6. 6. About 2 weeks after Kanvar and Chahna were married, they decided to build a small stone village because they planned on having many children.
  7. 7. 4 years after the village was build, Chahna gave birth to 5 children. She had two sets of twin girls and one daughter. When they all turned 10 they each inherited their own stone house of their choice.
  8. 8. Kanvar spent most of his time cleaning in the family pool. His wife would normally catch him swimming and playing in the water more than cleaning himself.
  9. 9. One day while the king and his family were sound asleep. A group of thieves came and drained all the water in the pool and replaced it with farm animals
  10. 10. The king became furious and went to war with the thieves They fought to the death and the king was killed instantly by a bolt of lightening sent by the head thief The king's family was devastated
  11. 11. In the king's honor, his daughters built a statue of him. About 500 years later, archeologists stumbled upon the ruins on what once was the stone village.
  12. 12. Buried beneath the village they came across the statue of the King. It resembled a priest more than a king, so they named it The Priest King.