Mohenjo Daro Story


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  • That was awesome. What a great story. Very cool meditation on the way that fear can mislead people. Great.
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Mohenjo Daro Story

  1. 1. Mohenjo-Daro.<br />
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a great kingdom in Mohenjo-Daro. As any great Kingdom there was a king, this particular king’s name was King Ekanga. King Ekanga seemed to have it all a profitable kingdom, an heir to the throne, and a beautiful aquarium. <br />
  3. 3. Every day the king would send his royal guards out to check the kingdom for anything that was unusual. Normally the guards would have nothing to report and the day would continue on as happy as ever. However on this day the guards returned with a man who claimed his name was Rajendra.<br />
  4. 4. Rajendra was a strange looking man, he walked with a slight limp, his clothes were ratty from over use and his face was wrinkled from time. “I have come to warn you” he said with a slightly bizarre expression on his face.<br />“warn me of what?” said the King bewildered by this stranger.<br />“the pool you love will be your downfall and your enemies will use it against you” <br />
  5. 5. The king looked at the man as though he had just spoken another language to him. “Enemies?” he said “What enemies do I the great King Ekanga have?”<br /> “More than you know” replied the man with a sly smile “but you will know soon” he trailed off<br /> And then as if by magic the man disappeared<br />
  6. 6. The king was baffled. What enemies could he possibly posses? He had done nothing wrong. He had not over taxed his people. He felt that he had been a wonderful king. So who could be conspiring against him? Oh well he thought nothing he should worry about. The next morning the king awoke to an owl at his bed side. He noticed a small piece of parchment attached to the birds foot. Unraveling it he saw it read “They will come soon and then you will be sorry.—Rajendra”<br /> “Guards” he commanded “find any plans of treason and kill those responsible.”<br />The guards dispatched intent on finding those responsible. <br />
  7. 7. The guards reported back to the king telling him that they had killed all they felt were suspicious and may have been conspiring against him. The king felt instant relief and retired to his room. The next morning a new owl had arrived carrying but another note. “You still have not found those against you. It is someone you do not know well.—Rajendra”<br />A foreigner the king thought. But of course who else would conspire but one who did not even live in his kingdom. “Guards” he commanded “kill all those who are foreigners in my kingdom”<br />The guards once again did as they were commanded and set off to find the conspirer. When they returned they told the king how there were no longer any foreigners in the kingdom.<br />Good the king though as he once again felt relief and retired to his bedroom.<br />
  8. 8. However once again there was an owl perched at the end of his bed. Once again it had a note but this time it read “you have still not found them. They will be here soon and as I told you they will come through the pool.—Rajendra”<br />Hah the king thought to himself this time I will get them “guards he yelled poison the water so those who swim in it will die and we will finally be rid of these conspirers” Again the guards followed their instructions and set out to poison the water. However when they poisoned the water they did not realize they would also poison all the drinking water in the kingdom. <br />
  9. 9. Within a week there was no one left in the kingdom. All the people had died including the guards. That is when the true conspirer showed himself to the king. “It was I!” Rajendra said with an evil grin “you have single handedly destroyed your kingdom. You worried so much that someone else would go against you that you have nothing left to rule.” The king sat in disbelief. Rajandra was right he was the sole cause of the fall of his kingdom. And that is the true story of the fall of Mohenjo-Daro.<br />
  10. 10. THE END<br />