What i am thankful for


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What i am thankful for

  1. 1. What I Am Thankful For By: Paige Gipson
  2. 2. Family  I am thankful for my family, they’re always supporting me every step of the way. Believing in me, and loving me with all their heart. They are always their for me when I need them, and let me do the things I do.
  3. 3. Roof Over My Head  I’m so thankful for my house, keeping me warm and making me feel safe in the scariest of times.
  4. 4. Friends  I’m thankful for my friends, always here for me when I need someone. Making me laugh until I start to cry, and making me smile when I am feeling down.
  5. 5. School/Education  I am thankful for school, yes I know. Surprising right? Without school, we wouldn’t have education. I think education is important, yes it can be boring. But if you think about it your whole life depends of the education you get.
  6. 6. God  I’m very thankful for being able to worship god, and have the freedom of religion!
  7. 7. Our Soldiers I am very thankful for our soldiers. Fighting for American Freedom!
  8. 8. Freedom  I’m thankful for doing the things I am allowed to do, Freedom.
  9. 9. My Bedford Family  I am really thankful for my Bedford family, coming together as one supporting each other every way we possibly can. We fight like brother and sister and sometimes can’t stand to be around each other, but we stick together through the hardest of times.
  10. 10. Food & Water  I’m thankful for food and water! Without food and water I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am today.
  11. 11. Technology  I’m thankful for technology. It’s great, when it works!
  12. 12. Music  I’m thankful for music, sticking your ear buds in and letting the whole world just fade away.
  13. 13. Holidays  I’m thankful for Holidays!! I absolutely love holidays, my favorite holiday is Christmas! It always brings family together and just brings happiness to everyone.
  14. 14. Clothing  I’m thankful for the clothes on my body that keep me warm.
  15. 15. Sports  I’m thankful for sports. Without sports everyone would be in their houses watching TV, and playing on their phones. Sports are a big impact on some peoples lives, where most athletes sports are their life.
  16. 16. Dance  I am thankful for dance, somewhere I can let all my feelings just fade away and forget about all the drama. I dance for myself, and to get better, learning from my mistakes.
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