Notes galaxies


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Notes galaxies

  1. 1. Galaxies! Yes, there are more than just our own.
  2. 2. Galaxies are…  Massive systems of stars, dust and gas held together by gravity.  Galaxies usually have a clump of stars at the center called the central bulge. Most larger galaxies have a black hole at the center.
  3. 3. Spiral Galaxies…  Distinct central concentration of stars (bulge) at center with spiral arms radiating outward.  Spiral galaxies make up approximately 60% of the galaxies in the Universe.
  4. 4. Barred Spiral Galaxies…  Similar to a regular spiral galaxy but with a cross bar cutting through the center with arms swirling at the ends
  5. 5. Elliptical Galaxies…  You guessed it! They are elliptical in shape!! (I know you know what that means…)
  6. 6. Irregular Galaxies…  These are the galaxies that are neither elliptical nor spiral; they are a variety of shapes.
  7. 7. Our Galaxy is….. The Milky Way Galaxy!  Barred spiral galaxy  120,000 Light years in Diameter  Every star we see in the night sky (between 100-400 billion stars)  Rotates Clockwise
  8. 8. great
  9. 9. What’s in the center?  We know that we have what’s called a “central bulge”.  It has been recently confirmed that there is a massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.
  10. 10. WHAT?!?!? Black Hole?? Nooo!  The Black hole has 4 million times the mass of the sun, but is billions of times weaker than black holes in other galaxies.  Sooo… Don’t worry! It’s not going to “suck” us into it. We’re fine. (but if it did, you know what would happen…. We would DIE)
  11. 11. Our closest neighbor: Andromeda! • Andromeda is our closest neighboring galaxy • It is approximately 2.5 million light years away from us and is classified as a spiral galaxy.