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Motion etc


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Motion etc

  1. 1. Physics Motion, Speed, Velocity & Acceleration
  2. 2. Motion 1  What is motion? How do you know if something is “in motion?”
  3. 3. Motion 2  Motion is the changing distance between two objects.  You can tell if something is “in motion” based on a reference point.  Reference point: A place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion.
  4. 4. Motion 3  Are we moving right now? Yes? No?  How do you know?  What is your reference point? **Technically, we are doing both moving AND not moving depending on your reference point!
  5. 5. Speed 1  What is speed?  How do you know what “speed” you are going?  Is speed fast or slow? Or both?
  6. 6. Speed 2  Speed is the amount of distance an object travels in any given amount of time.  We calculate speed like this: Speed = Distance / Time Average speed is just: total distance / total time
  7. 7. Velocity 1  What is velocity?  Is velocity the same thing as speed?  How do I know what an objects velocity is?
  8. 8. Velocity 2  Velocity is speed with direction.  When dispatch contacts a police officer to let them know where a suspect is, they will give them a velocity: “the perpetrator is on walnut st. traveling at 40mph north.”  What else do we use velocity to describe?
  9. 9. Velocity 3  Change in velocity can be due to two things:  1. Change in speed  2. Change in direction  (it can be one or both)
  10. 10. Acceleration 1  What is acceleration?  What does it mean to accelerate?  What is the opposite of accelerate?
  11. 11. Acceleration 2  Acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes with time.  If velocity requires both speed and direction, then acceleration also requires both speed and direction.  Therefore… acceleration refers to increasing speed, decreasing speed or changing direction!
  12. 12. Acceleration 3  Increasing speed: When an objects speed increases, it is accelerating.  Decreasing speed: When an objects speed decreases, it is deccelerating or has negative acceleration.  Changing direction: If the direction changes so does the acceleration- even if the speed stays the same!!!
  13. 13. Acceleration 4  Calculating acceleration: you must figure out the change in velocity per unit time. Acceleration= Final velocity - Initial Velocity time The units used for Acceleration are meters per second per second or m/s2