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Hot cold lab_recap


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Hot cold lab_recap

  1. 1. Hot and Cold Lab Recap
  2. 2. Boiling water graph Time in seconds TemperatureinC At 100 degrees the water begins to boil.
  3. 3. What’s happening? The water rises steadily until it reaches 100 degrees. It levels out at 100 Why does the water temperature not rise above 100 degrees even if you keep heating it? (where is that energy going?)
  4. 4. Boiling Boiling is when you change a liquid to a gas by giving it enough heat (ENERGY) so it can break free of the attraction it has to the other water droplets. When water reaches 100 degrees, some of the water molecules get enough energy to turn into a gas. If you kept heating it, more and more of the liquid would be boiling and becoming a gas.
  5. 5. Freezing water graph Time in seconds TemperatureinC At zero degrees the water begins to freeze When the water is totally frozen the temperature begins to drop again
  6. 6. What’s Happening? When you cool the water down you are taking energy from it! (Remember, the salt melts the ice on the outside, so it takes energy to turn the ice into a liquid). Why does the temperature flat line and then drop?
  7. 7. Freezing The temperature drops once the ice is frozen solid. Zero degrees is when the water begins to turn to ice. When it starts dropping again the ice is frozen solid and the energy that is being stolen can go towards lowering the temperature of the solid.