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Final exam review techs


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Final exam review techs

  1. 1. Ceramics and Printmaking
  2. 2. Warming This is when the clay ‘fires’ at a very low temperature to speed up the drying process.
  3. 3. Bisque Unglazed clay that has been fired once is called ____.
  4. 4. Glaze _____ is a glass-like coating melted on the surface of the clay.
  5. 5. Slip and Score This is a technique used to connect pieces of clay together.
  6. 6. Bone Dry The stage of clay where it is completely dry and ready to fire. This is its most fragile state.
  7. 7. Plastic Stage of clay that is moldable without breaking. Usually this is right out of the package.
  8. 8. Bisque Firing Firing clay the 1st time, which makes the clay permanent and waterproof.
  9. 9. Kiln This ‘oven’ or machine heats at a very high temperature and is used to fire clay.
  10. 10. Functional-ware A type of clay project that is created to have a purpose
  11. 11. Leather Hard The stage that resembles leather. It is hard to bend, but soft enough to carve and attach pieces to.
  12. 12. Add More Ink If patches of white ‘specks’ appear on your print, a solution would be:
  13. 13. Carve the Grooves Deeper Printing ink is getting into the carved portions of your block. How can you fix this?
  14. 14. Your Image will be Backwards A key aspect to remember when using letters/words in your design is:
  15. 15. Put the paper on the block (the block will be face up) When printing, you should always ___ to get a better print.
  16. 16. Never Cut Towards Yourself! The number one rule from printmaking is: