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We are what we eat


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Published in: Education
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We are what we eat

  1. 1. We Are What We Eat By: Jacob Davis, Charlie Brody, and Josh Gibbs
  2. 2. The 5 W’s of Corn When- Corn was being farmed in the America’s by the Peublo people in about 1 A.D. Where-Corn started as Teosinte in Mexico. What-Corn is a kind of seed, like rice, that comes originally from a kind of wild grass that grows in Mexico called Teosinte. It has lots of carbohydrates, but not as much protein as wheat or barley. Why-Corn was used because it could be stored for a long time and could make cornmeal. Who-The Mexicans where the first to farm corn and produce it in about 7500B.C.
  3. 3. The Truth of the Cob Corn can be found in: Adhesives Batteries Gum Fries Twinkies Yogurt Soft Drinks Licorice
  4. 4. The hybrid takeover Hybrids started because you could cross two breeds to make the outcome have traits of both. This allowed the corn to taste good and grow faster. Farmers were forced to by this corn and sell it to compete with the other farmers and stay in business so it continued. The problem was this corn could not be planted since the outcome wouldn’t be the same. This made farmers have to buy new seed every year.
  5. 5. What does this all mean? Corn is in a lot of things, but isn’t necessarily bad for you. It can be when made into certain things, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat anything with corn in it. Corn can be found in plenty of things. We know that for sure. But is that really bad?
  6. 6. Soybeans (What?) Soybeans have 18% oil and 38% protein. Mostly all soybeans are processed for oil to humans. The oil used to cook and fry foods. Since soybeans have so much protein they are one of the main ingredients in the livestock.
  7. 7. Soybeans (When?) Soybeans came into the U.S. in 1941when as a grain, then served to people as a food and other uses in America. It then became U.S.’s 2nd largest crop in cash sales, and presently is the number one export crop.
  8. 8. Soybeans (Why?) Reasons: It is a cheap source of protein for animal feeds. It is in most prepackaged meals…(Did you know that?) The soybean contains 19% of oil which makes vegetable oil.
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